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Community Pimp: 3rd Week of February

Pimping this week is on the light side. Between work, playing 40K, painting and the fact that I took off for the weekend Friday morning, well I haven’t had a chance to read much, and won’t until Tuesday’ish. I’ve come to realize that Community Pimp, as a series name, is being used by TastyTaste over

Community Pimp: 1st Week of February

Another week, another pimp’n. In case anyone noticed, I’ve decided to move this to Saturday instead of Friday. I figure that way it’ll give you the weekend to catch up on the stuff being pimped in case you missed it during the week and it also gives me another day during the week to post

Community Pimp: 1st Week of January

Here’s another installment of Community Pimp. I missed getting up the last week of December version. There was some holiday thing that week or something. So, here’s the stuff I found of genuine interest this week. House of Paincakes: User Content Friday – The Internet’s Impact on Gaming – Dethtron ruminates about life before and