Author: Thor (Page #59)

Thor’s Workbench: Cultists WIP #1

I haven’t done one of these for a while because I lost motivation. My break from painting after The Standish Standoff kept getting longer and longer. Coupled with all the major ass kickings I’ve been receiving lately, well, interest has not been there. However, it was time to break the dry spell and finish off

Thor’s Workbench: More Modeling

With the holidays I have not managed to get a ton done lately. The other week I did paint up one Chaos Biker – shots of him some day. Otherwise it’s been modeling, and even then slowly. Here you’ll see my Biker Champion almost fully assembled, nothing special. It will be nice to stop proxying

Thor’s Workbench: Spawn WIP

I absolutely love the Spawn unit and it was the first unit I bought models for in the new codex for Chaos. As much as I like the Spawn kit, I ended up going another route. For a few more dollars than the Spawn kit I got the Vampire Counts Vargheists / Crypt Horrors. I