Back in the Saddle!

Hello all,

Those of you who’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of following my incoherent, essentially irrelevant babble of late already know I’ve had some degree of modeler’s block.  For those of you who’ve enjoyed seeing my models I apologize, but it happens to all of us so I’m sure you’ll understand.  For those of you who don’t care…well, you may go on not caring!  At any rate, I’ve managed to start up again.  For now I decided to let myself off the hook on wrapping up the minor details on the core units.  They look pretty good where they’re at and wont’ take much to finish off after a brief break for some new stuff. Now that I’ve got a basic core for the army painted up I can start filling in holes and working on alternative builds.  I decided to add a couple of Wolf Guard squad leaders to broaden my options.  I like the Wolf Guard because the wide range of options gives me the ability to modify the purpose of each Grey Hunter unit even within the same list.  I haven’t quite finished the third but all three will be armed with Combi-meltas.  The Melta/Fist combo is pretty standard, I put together the Melta/Hammer for a little variety.

I also took the time to prime some models I put together a while ago, just so they’ll be ready when it’s time to paint them.  It annoys me when I suddenly want to paint something and it’s just waiting for primer.  By next time I should have something painted to show off.


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Looking good. I assume they’re all magnetized?