Battle Report: 1,750 Tournament

Battle Report: September 2012Saturday was my FLGS’ monthly tournament for 40K. It was 1,750 and here’s the list I brought along. In my earlier practices I realized that my troop selection was too small and I wanted to bulk that out. Often the problem with the current Chaos codex, in order to do that I had to pull/reduce from somewhere else, namely my heavy support and also my HQs. From my previous play testing though I didn’t think it would hinder me much at all.

My first game was against Space Wolves (picture above while he ponders his deployment). He’s a new’ish player with a limited collection. We played Recovery with me taking first turn. There was a central building that I deployed to gain cover from with my army. He deployed pretty much the same. The problem with that, and ultimately his downfall, was in doing so he reduced his firepower. His Predator, and other ranged elements, had a hard time drawing a line to me which allowed me to advance to that mid-range my army tends to rely on. I was able to snag the objective while my Princes and Defiler spearheaded into him and kept him back. At the end of the game I took it 33-4.

Second game was against Imperial Guard, my bane. He had a mech heavy list featuring 9 Scout Sentinels with scatter lasers. This game was Search and Destroy with me again having first turn. This table also had a center building that I used to hide my army. I had two objectives near me that I planned to squat on while contesting two more board center (there were five objectives).

I advanced up and immediately got my Defiler immobilized from his shooting and in the next few turns lost my Obliterators. With little ranged options left to me I threw forward my Princes and Greater Daemon and smashed transports open. One of my Princes had gotten the sunburst power and it brutalized his troops who were now in the open. Those big guys went down though and it was down to the wire. On the last turn I was holding two objectives to his one, another was contested. He focused down my small squad of two Marines holding the back objective to cause a draw on the primary. He took secondary (victory points) and tertiary (bidding on KPs), to give him a victory of 25-9. A damn close game down to a few key dice rolls.

Final game was against Lukas’ Necrons. He was the swing player so nobody had a bye round, so his list wasn’t nearly as brutal as is normal for him. We played Divide & Conquer with him taking first turn. I opted to reserve the Defiler and both Princes this game.

The game was an interesting change from the norm. He opted to rush me with his entire army instead of me having to try to advance. Instead of meeting him mid-field I decided to sit tight and focus fire on his Wraiths and Destroyer Lord. By the time that unit clashed into mine it was severely dwindled, though they managed to stick around in combat against my Plague Marines most of the game. With that unit out-of-the-way, relatively speaking, I refocused on dealing with the rest of his army bearing down on me. His Scarabs got into my Berzerkers, around 12 Scarabs at that time, and over a few turns took out the followers of Khorne. With my Berzerkers gone I was able to kill all but two bases with shooting and charged my Greater Daemon into that to remove them. I then had to deal with Spyders, which I managed at the end, while the rest of my army was moving to grab zones and objectives. At the end I took the primary (zones), and secondary of kill points while we drew on the tertiary of objectives. I took a win of 31-3.

The game was extremely close despite the score. I only managed to draw objectives with 1 Plague Marine left alive on one of them, thanks to the Greater Daemon saving his ass. I also only beat him by one kill point on secondary. The primary of zones I only took by one zone over him.

Another great day of gaming and a respectable showing by Chaos. At the end of the day I finished 4th out of 14 players, one of my best days in a long time. Also one of the few times in a long time I beat Lukas and his Necrons. I was due for it. This will be my last tournament with Chaos in this edition of the codex and I’m glad. Next month we will have the new Chaos codex and I’m excited. It will be a road of learning and exploring but one I’m really looking forward to. Plus, once that hits I can finally try to put together my list for The Standish Standoff in November and make sure I get what needs to be painted completed for then.

  • JustHippie

    My games were weird like that. Amish Jr pretty much tabled me but the score ended 22-11 his win. Second game Shiny and I were really close yet it was 31-3 my favor.
    Glad to see you ended the Codex on a positive note. Can’t wait to see your army at the Standoff. Sounds like those new Fiends are going to be great in game and a serious bullet soaker.

    • Pretty pleased with the 2-1 for the day. Rather go out on a high note with that codex. Could just as easily been 0-3 with that old thing.

      I’m wondering if I shouldn’t reinstate the clauses I used to have in my old mission of needing X more of something, IE: You need 3 more KP than your opponent. It would make for closer scores all around and the score from a game would more reflect those close fought battles. The downside is, well honestly, needing to meet those margins. When you already have 4 things to accomplish and then stack margins within those it could be cumbersome. It worked in the old format as there was only one thing to do and so it scaled your score.

      • JustHippie

        Add in the Grey Knight small number of units factor vs the IG crazy number of units and it’s even more lopsided. The first mission had we played it D3+2 objectives rather than just 1 Relic would have been better. KPs are fine as secondary or less points I think.

        Regardless your missions are WAY better than the book ones. Maybe add some mysterious stuff that isn’t game changing to spice it up?

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