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Battle Report: 40K with Chaos and a Blood Bowl Match

Battle Report: ChaosYou ever have a terrible string of games where no matter what you do things just don’t go right? That has been my last 6-weeks in a nutshell with 40K games. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes or deserved the losses I’ve taken, however the dice gods are crapping on me and only making matters worse. It’s honestly at a point where it’s just infuriating but what can you do other than suck it up and try to make the best of it?

With that intro I’m sure you know how this battle report is going to go. I was playing my Chaos Marines against Space Wolves. The mission was annihilation with dawn of war deployment. By the third turn my unit of Terminators led by Abaddon and a Sorcerer were charged by a Wolf Lord on a doggie. The Wolf Lord made some amazing storm shield saves. Between those saves and my lack of bodies in the fight (Abaddon & Sorcerer left little room for the unit to make base contact), I lost combat by two. I promptly failed the morale test, needing an 8 and rolling a 9, and rolled a 1 to break away. Yep, the entire unit was swept *sigh*. With my claws effectively removed it was a shooting match I could not win and I was promptly dismantled.

This got me and my opponent talking about such a simple thing that would make so much sense that we’d like to see it in 6th. Abaddon is fearless yet when he joins a non-fearless unit he loses his fearless rule and the unit is not fearless. It would make SO much sense that having a fearless leader join a unit in turn makes that unit fearless. The only way this works now is when specifically stated, like a Chaplain. Though, a fearless unit makes the leader fearless, why not the leader make the unit fearless? I’d like to see this as a standard rule in 6th where a fearless IC makes the unit fearless.

After that game I played my ‘first’ Blood Bowl game against StealthyStealth. I’ve played a ton of Blood Bowl on the PC but never tabletop. I was running a Chaos team and Stealthy a Human team.

Despite playing a ton on the PC there was a fair share of rule checking. There are certain things the digital game does for you, like handling the weather, kick-off results and ball scatters that I never bothered the learn because I was lazy and it was done for me. I knew some of it but not enough to forgo verifying with the rulebook. Most everything else we were good with though.

The game was a blast. We had our fair share of screwups, like Stealthy fielding 12 guys and me only fielding 9 and only rolling 1D6 for injury results the first half instead of 2D6, but still the game was great. Long story short, when Stealthy was fielding his 12 and me my 9 he managed to get the ball from me after kicking off to me. He then made a quick drive to score on turn 6. Realizing our mistake we counted it as a half-touchdown. I got the kickoff again and setup for a last turn score attempt. I failed the handoff to a Beastmen but the ball bounced to another Beastman who picked it up. I moved a Beastmen to get into the end zone to catch a pass but rolled a 1 on the GFI (going for it). So close.

Second half I kicked to him and a failed dodge on his part got the ball loose. My armor rolls were on fire and I began putting him off the field left and right. I grabbed the ball with a Beastmen and scored on the last turn of the game to win 1 to .5.

Again, so much fun. I’m now considering what team I want to run so I can get them built and painted. My Chaos team from last night was a proxy from 40K, though fairly well represented. We’re hoping to get more players at the shop into it and eventually try to get a league rolling.

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I feel your pain Thor. Daemons die far too easily, add in a mishap and it’s pretty much game over if it’s a capable opponent. IF the Chaos Gods are with me I have a decent chance, otherwise I’m just struggling to survive.


Aren’t wolf lords in Teminator armor, which would mean he can’t sweep? Regardless, sounds like a rough dry spell. Hope things go better, but remember, if you’re in a dry spell, screw mathhammering your lists and just build some ridiculous monstrosity and run it for a few games. Hey, you might learn some new things about new units. That’s how I discovered mono-nurgle’s capabilities.