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Battle Report - Hellgore
Steve's Khorne Prince

The tournament this month at the FLGS is a 2K one and is in a few weeks so Wednesday night I got in a practice game with my Marines, Fate’s Angels. I went up against a Daemon player who willingly opted to play me knowing I had null zone. It’s been his bane and he wanted to confront it and overcome it, can’t blame him, I’d do the same. I’m not feeling up to one of my narrative reports or a play by-play so here’s the abridged report.

We play tested Search and Destroy with him getting first turn. The list I was using is here: His list featured Fate Weaver, Keeper, Khorne Prince, Crushers, Seekers, Daemonettes, Plague Bearers, Souldgrinders, Horrors and Flamers. I deployed with my army in two halves on each end of the board but within shooting range of either half for fire support. The left half was the weaker half, mostly a bait, as the right side of the board was my focus. It still had enough fire power though that it couldn’t be ignored.

In all my times playing this person he’s never had such good luck with his arrivals. He got his preferred half and entered just left of the board center with minimal scatters, barring Fate Weaver. On the second turn he go everything but one unit and that last unit came in on turn three. I’m used to having more time to deal with units as they arrive then I was being given.

My deployment worked out well and I was able to pour fire power into him but my shooting wasn’t as effective as I’d have liked. Most of the time he was getting cover to get around null zone and then getting Fate Weaver’s re-rolls on the failed ones. However, I did manage to stay out of range of the big nasties for most of the game. The Keeper only managed to assault twice the entire game, my Land Raider and a Vindicator. The Khorne Prince never saw combat. Though, one Soulgrinder charged a Tact Squad forced out of their Rhino, killed one and I failed morale and went right off the board. Been a long time since I’ve had that happen.

The game was a close one but in the end I took the win by claiming one objective for the primary, having more victory points and by taking the tertiary of guessing how many KPs you’d get. He lost track of what turn we were on and the game ended on five, which was really what I needed as further turns would have only benefited him at that point as my lines were being overrun. Ultimately I was able to outmaneuver him and a few of his strategic choices hurt him.

I was pretty happy with my list but I think for the tournament I’m going back to my Monthu build, aka: Shrike. This list was shooty, for me anyway, and I really missed not having more than one solid assault option. I enjoy assault too much to sit back and shoot.

  • Hippie

    I think you should change the tertiary to Victory points since we had to calculate it anyway fro secondary.  A great game as always Thor, I need to stop being such a spaz and slow down and pay better attention to turns and the mission.  I also need to keep my crushers out of assault range of those Termies with Null up.

    • What would be the secondary then? I like having primary and secondary being opposites. Primary right now is objectives so something KP or VP related makes a good secondary. I couldn’t really see doing Bloody Foresight as the secondary.

      I don’t disagree about the Crushers but keeping them out of assault range with null zone up is no easy task. Against my Assault Termies they’re the best unit you have as a counter. You have the big guys but the Crushers give you more attacks to take me out with and they have more wounds. I’d consider holding them back a bit as a counter attack unit though. Let the big guys lead the way with the crushers behind them, forcing me charge the big guys and then get counter-charged by Crushers.

  • Hippie

    I was suggesting keep secondary Victory points and change the tertiary so you estimate how many Victory points you’ll get and the closer without going over wins.  Just so you don’t have to figure out victory points and kill points in the same mission. (You know how folks are about that addition stuff)

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