Battle Report: Chaos Unleashed

Necron ArmyI used to do battle reports in a bit of a narrative format and later went to a more blow-by-blow format, though far shorter than many other reports you’ll read. So, what the hell, let’s do this week’s report in the format I prefer. For the record, my Chaos army is named Disciples of Twilight and no, it has nothing to do with those lame ass movies.

Disciples of Twilight spotted a Necron army in the distance and quickly broke into battle formation. They split their force, sending half the army up the left side of what would become the battlefield with the other half advancing on the right. The lumbering Necrons were central and mostly on foot but a detachment of Wraiths with a Destroyer Lord were looking to come down the Disciples left flank.

The Necrons fired their gauss weaponry and a Rhino in the left column shuddered and refused to move after the impact. Scarabs advanced down the right flank moving so fast they could barely be seen.

The Disciples right column advanced, two Rhinos carrying the crazed Berzerkers and another of Nurgle’s children. They were being lead by a Daemon Prince who flew before the Necron line. The Daemon Prince tried harnessing the powers of the warp yet they were out of reach. The left column with another Rhino of Plague Marines and Terminators opened fire and a few of the robotic humanoids laid down.

The Wraiths being led by the Lord on the left flank moved back into the army’s mass and the few Necrons who were felled rose again. The Warriors within the army unleashed their power into the Daemon Prince leading the right advance but only a single shot inflicted any harm on his immaterial flesh. Flayed Ones leapt at the Prince and their aura caught the mighty Prince off-guard and the strokes of his powerful sword fell but one of their number. However, the Flayed Ones decided to make a tactical withdrawal from the combat and once their backs were turned the Daemon Prince struck them all down. So began the stroke that would see the Necrons fail that day.

Necrons retaliated with weapon fire yet little harm was done to their targets. The combined fire of the Obliterators and the left column saw most of the Destroyers brought down. The Berzerkers jumped out of their transport and charged the Warriors who were being led by another Lord, as well as the remaining Destroyer. The Daemon Prince managed to call upon the warp and brought some more Warriors to him. The Disciples roared as they charged into combat, felling most of those they engaged. The ones who remained quickly disappeared and stepped out of their Monolith to the leave the combat behind.

With the right side of the field well within the hands of the Disciples the Necron army advanced up the weaker left side. The Wraiths and Lord charged the Terminators protecting the Plague Marines as well as a Greater Daemon who had arrived. Roaring with anger the Greater Daemon’s flesh parted from the claws of the Wraiths. He returned blows, as did the Terminators, and a few crumbled to the ground to only return again.

Those Disciples not engaged continued to secure the battlefield, now controlling most of it. The left side was inconsequential yet for the love of battle they reinforced it by sending in another Daemon Prince, more Terminators and more Obliterators. The combat continued and the fast striking Wraiths dispatched the Greater Daemon to the warp and the Terminators were destroyed. The Daemon Prince tore into their number but they would not remain down. The rest of the army poured fire into the remaining Warriors, seeing most of them disintegrate under plasma fire. Suddenly a green haze filled the field and as it lifted a few seconds later the Necron army was gone.

So I managed to phase him out on turn #6, barely. I had him at his phase out number for a few turns but he kept making his WBB rolls and getting up just enough each time. His WBB rolls were on fire that night. On average I’d say he was getting 80% of his WBB rolls between normal rolls and then portaling through the Monolith.

I learned that Wraiths can be brutal when applied correctly. I questioned him on dual-charging my Greater Daemon and my Terminators but the I6 S6 attacks were extremely effective on a model with only a 5+ save. Combined with the Destroyer Lord the unit did well and held up the entire game. Well, until phase out anyway. I have a new respect for Wraiths after that game.

  • CorvusRex

    Awesome battle report, one of the best I’ve read in a long time; I’d definitely say narrative is worth it, if you have the time!

    • I appreciate it. It’s definitely more work but where I’m not aiming to write an epic battle out of the pages of a novel it’s not terribly time consuming considering.

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