Battle Report: Chaos vs Ultramarines

Battle Report: Chaos vs UltramarinesLast night I faced off against Ming’s Ultramarines with my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight, in a 1,750 game. We decided to use one of my missions, King of the Hill, and rolled off. He got to choose sides and got first turn.

My list can be found here. Since the latest round of FAQs I’ve been working with flying Princes. This list is the 4th version as well. I’m tweaking it for an upcoming tournament next week and I’m still not completely satisfied with it. Version five will be coming soon.

Ming’s list, for sake of time and my poor memory, was well mechanized. He also had some Imperial Guard allies. The mission used spearhead deployment and he deployed in the northeast, so I had the southwest. I put down everything but the two Princes, nowhere safe to hide, and of course the Greater Daemon.

His first turn saw my Defiler go down after being shot at by most of his army. I advanced the melta Plagues and Berzerkers in Rhinos towards the center. Plasma Plagues jumped into a bunker near the center. My Oblits got lucky and they took out a Rhino and Razorback.

Ming forgot his pod on turn #1 so we agreed to have it arrive on #2. He came in next to my Oblit squads and between the Sternguard, and the rest of his army, I had one Oblit left. My Zerker Rhino also got glanced to death and the Sternguard, he combat squadded, took out my melta Plague Rhino.

Now for generalizations. I got one Prince and my Greater Daemon. The Prince I brought in to deal with Sternguard and same with the Greater Daemon. Over the next few turns I cleared my backfield and setup my Berzerkers to rush for the center objective, hiding behind a hill and my wrecked Rhino. My Princes flew around being a general annoyance and after a few turns of dedicated fire they went down.

By turn #4 I pushed the center with Berzerkers and my plasma Plague squad. The Plagues got caught in a combat with a Librarian and a few Tacts that never ended. The Berzerkers, however, were at half strength and alive so they charged into a combat squad headed for the center. After the charge one model remained for him and I was down to 4 Berzerkers. Ming tried to reinforce that combat with a full Tactical squad but being in terrain tripped them and they couldn’t make it. I finished off the last guy and consolidated to the center. We rolled it and the game ended on turn #6.

It was a damn close game. By the end I only had 5 models left, 4 Berzerkers and 1 Plague Marine. Another turn would have had me lose big time. The primary mission of the center objective I took and the secondary objective of destroying 2 specified units we both failed at and so split those points. Tertiary was table quarters, which Ming took. Quaternary was getting points for each troop unit destroyed so I took 3 points there and him 1 point. The final score was 23pts to 11pts, my win.

Missions where kill points aren’t a factor I tend to do well with. I sacrificed a good majority of my army to get the center. I flew the Princes to spots where he had to deal with them or get hammered the next turn. I left the Defiler exposed first turn to draw fire off Rhinos. So forth and so on. Not everything went according to plan (when does it?), but it went close enough to the plan to deal with the bumps. The downside to my sacrificial method of play is long games will almost always destroy me, as another turn in this game would have. As it was I barely held on to take it on turn #6. The moral of the story is I need to learn to get better at only giving up units I NEED to in order to accomplish my plan instead of treating most of my army as bait and distraction.

  • TheRhino

    Man, that is a low model count list!
    Can FMCs switch to Glide (that’s the non-flying one, right?) and charge in the same turn?

    • Low model count for sure but the wounds are there. Barring vehicles It’s 31 models but 52 wounds. Expensive multi-wounders.

      Yes. If I glide I become a jump MC and can then charge. That’s the threat I was talking about. I fly into the enemy’s lines so I’m a bitch to take down and they know if they don’t ground me, to make wounding me easier and/or charge me, that I’m going to charge in next turn.

  • Warhammer39999

    Eem right when you post this sort of propaganda online. Ultramarines shouldn’t lose; that is all.

    • Warhammer39999

      *it doesn’t seem..

      Stupid iPhone.

    • haha

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