Battle Report: Space Marines vs Daemons (Video)

Fate's Angels: Battle ReportI decided to try my hand at doing a video battle report, my first ever. In this video I played Steve’s Daemons in a practice game for Feast of Blades. I won’t give away the game but let’s say it was very one-sided.

Note, for some reason Steve and I when talking in the video had the top and bottom of turns all screwed up. I’ve noted the appropriate turns and phases in the video to avoid confusion, hopefully. Also, any feedback is greatly appreciated. This was an experiment to get a feel for time involved in shooting and editing compared to just writing up reports the old fashioned way. Obviously the video takes more time but if people like it then I’ll try some more in the future. And again, it’s my first ever attempt at video editing so be nice :)

  • JustHippie

    I’m not a watching video kind of guy. I hate when I open a news article and it’s a stupid video. I wouldn’t stop doing the written ones but for a change of pace this is good. I especially like the recap of what the ‘plan’ was at the end.

    • Considering the time investment in editing one of these, it will not be a weekly thing and I’ll definitely still be doing the written ones. However, it is a change of pace and should (hopefully), attract the crowd that instead prefers the video format over written. A bit of something for everyone.

  • BenitoSenence

    Nice job Thor, it’s a very good Recap style BatRep and you and Steve were very clear with event. For me I still like the longer ones because I’m now super curious on those Screamers. The fact that they over took the Terminators is suprising. I do hope you continue with these every once in awhile. Awesome!

    • Thanks.

      I do want to try and cover in detail a bit more things like that. The reason the Screamers are so good is a great example. Always a learning experience as you’re aware.

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