Hello all,

Here’s another of my recently completed models, a battlewagon to carry my nobz mob.  I’ll post some pics of them when they’re painted.

  • Oh, that is fabulous! I am absolutely grooving on the dirty, grungy, “used” look. Also love how it was “Orkified”. Emblems make the machine, you know… =p Was any of that a conversion or kitbash?

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you like it. Two of the armor plates, the rear bottom step, and one of the glyphs are from the GW Trukk kit. The spiked roller and end caps came from a Mage Knight tank and the rolled up tarp is from a 1:35 military accessory sprue. The rest is scratch built.

  • I really need to get a good deffrolla on mine. Yours fits so well, magnet-wise and model-wise.

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