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The Humble Beginnings of a Human Blood Bowl Team

As I was saying the other week, I’m taking a break from my CSM for a little while to focus on Blood Bowl. I’ve been going strong with 40K for the past 10 years, and CSM for the last 5’ish. I just need to take a breather, let the new CSM stuff roll in, and see what we have.

Human Team Hobbying

I wish I had more progress to show on my Human team, but I did just pick up the game on Monday. The only thing I wanted to accomplish with them, for now, was to get them assembled. A name for the team still eludes me.

Blood Bowl Human Team WIP

I also picked up some new paints.

New Paints

That is the color I’m planning to do for the armor on the Humans, the brightest color – Thunderhawk Blue. The other two darker colors are for blending the shading. I have not yet determined the rest of the colors I’ll use. At the very least I have to work out a color for the cloth under the armor. Once I figure that out, the rest should fall into place: shoes, socks, straps, etc. If anyone has any suggestions, please fire away.

The Stirland Battlemire will be used for the basing. Instead of gluing down sand I’ll instead use the Battlemire. The thing with gluing down sand is it’s too perfect, too consistent. This will break things up, making each base unique. Here’s a shot of what it looks like when dried.


I also have some grass flock that I’ll use. The flock I have is glade grass. It’s something I picked up years ago for a rebasing project on my Orks that I never got around to. I like it because of the variation in colors, and it should fit in pretty well with the Blood Bowl pitch.
Glade Grass Flock


Tonight will be my first Blood Bowl game – sort of. I’ve played hundreds of games of Blood Bowl on the PC, and I mean that literally. I actually finally picked up Blood Bowl 2 now that it’s on sale. I have also played one game of Blood Bowl in person years ago, as Jeremy and I had hoped to get some interest going at our FLGS. However, this will be the first time that I’ll be playing Blood Bowl in person, with my own team, and getting a league going for it. In other words, playing the game as it was intended. I’m pretty excited.

That’s All for Now

That’s about it. I’m pretty well stuck in the planning stages at this point. I’m one of those people who will spend forever thinking about something before finally committing to it. The big things are figuring out a team name for my Humans, and determining the other colors to use for painting the team.

Who else has a start on their Blood Bowl team(s)? What are you playing?

Update: If you’d like to skip ahead, I have since painted my Human Blood Bowl team.

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The Humble Beginnings of a Human Blood Bowl Team
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