Berzerker Skull Champion – Paint in Progress

Nothing super exciting but I started work on my Skull Champion this weekend. He’s the last unpainted model in my Berzerker unit, as I save Champions for last. I started the unit years ago, literally. They saw little use on the table after the latest Chaos codex and requiring a Khorne Lord to become troops, so they got set aside. However, with Khorne Daemonkin they have been hitting the field a lot more so finally time to wrap up the squad.

I’m just doing my standard table top quality with this guy. No big blending tasks or anything, just the usual. It seems rather primitive after all the work on my Herald of Khorne but if I painted all models to that standard then this army would take me 20 years to finish. Anyway, that being said, even with table top quality I tend to find something to focus on to give it some life and with this model it’s the helmet. I wanted it to stand out so going with bone seemed to make sense here. I did do some blending on the helmet but just quick and dirty.


Painting Thoughts

At this stage the model is in the “sloppy” phase. Basically, things are base coated and washed and now I need to go cleanup colors from the wash; it just looks sloppy. Once I get things cleaned up, mostly those reds, it will look a lot better and then on to highlights.

I was hoping to get this model done during the weekend but my motivation was fleeting and came in spurts. I did get some other work done though. Not seen is one of his arms mostly base coated, his other arm primed and ready for paint as well. I also magnetized two bolt pistol arms, two plasma pistol arms and primed those for the squad itself. While I didn’t do everything I wanted, I made more progress than expected so I’ll take it.

Update: You can check out the completed Berzerker Skull Champion painting gallery.

  • Looking good my man. I love how your sloppy phase actually beats me finished phase ;)

    • haha, thanks. Years and years of painting I guess. I used to be the same way too.

      • Fingers crossed I can catch up.

        • As long as you want to get better and learn you will. The painters who never seem to progress are the ones who don’t try to or care to. My Herald of Khorne, I could never have imagined doing that a year ago but I pushed myself and learned the techniques required to pull it off.

          • Your Herald is a thing of beauty, horribly dangerous killer but beautiful.
            I fully imagine that I will have to go over a lot of my stuff down the line :)

            • Unless you plan to only have a set number of models in your army, just keep moving forward. If you redid things every time you got better as a painter then it would become a never ending cycle. I’m certainly not going to go back and start blending all my models now that I learned I can; hell no. We all progress as painters but you also have to accept what you’ve done in the past as well.

  • Looking good Thor, the zerkers are some classic models, I still have my squad waiting in a box for some love – also years and years ago. I like the white skull mask on him.

    • Definitely classic and I know many aren’t fans of them from their odd stances to the bunny ears but I still like them.

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