Chaos Knight Titan Painting Showcase – The Birth of Ironfate

Deathcry and Hellscream, Grimtech’s Helbrutes, dragged the damaged Imperial Knight from the battlefield. It’s back scrapped against the cold hard ground as each Helbrute towed the Knight behind them by its feet. The head was blown apart during the battle, killing the pilot. The condition otherwise was impeccable.

“What do we have here my friend?” asked Warforce as he strode over to Grimtech, the warband’s Warpsmith, who was monitoring the Helbrutes progress.

Grimtech responded to the Sorcerer, “The prize of victory. I have an idea that requires your expertise.”

“What is it you require of me?” asked Warforce with a grin, already knowing where the conversation was going.

“With your power of the warp, and my knowledge of machines, I would like to infuse a Daemon into this Knight,” said Grimtech, one mechatendril waving at the Knight being dragged by.

“We will need a powerful Daemon for this to work.”

Nodding, Grimtech replied, “If we can bind a Daemon Prince then it should work.”

The eye lenses in the Knight lit up a glowing red. Thick chains the size of the Knight’s legs held it in place, secured to a thick metal wall. The Knight’s dirge caster let out a terrifying wail as it began to thrash against the chains binding it.

“What will you name it?” asked Warforce, extremely pleased to see the ceremony was a success.

“I will name it Ironfate,” answered Grimtech.

Chaos Knight Painting Showcase

I’m not going to say much here. Those who follow me know this Chaos Knight has been a labor of love for a good many months. So, it’s time to let the pictures do the talking finally.

Ignore any dust or stray things that floated onto this thing. I tried brushing it clean, blowing it off, but you can never get it 100% perfectly clean. It’s like these models attract dust!


I’m very pleased with my work on the Chaos Knight. It has mistakes – what model doesn’t?, but I can look past those and see the model as a whole. This is one of the few models that has met my vision from the onset.

The upgrade kit to make it a Chaos Knight adds so much character and detail, and I had to let those elements come through in the painting. I’ve seen my fair share of Chaos Knights painted where those unique details are overlooked, and just blended into everything else. That’s why I did the scarring on it, had the organic growths shown as bone, to give the Knight depth and character.

Not sure what else to say. This thing has taken me so long to do that it’s hard to believe it’s done.

  • Delighted to see it finished and named! Great job you have done with it and all, bravo. Just need to seeing him towering above his comrades.

    • Thank you.

      He will be the focus of a lot of pictures in battle reports to come, already has for that matter.

      • It is a step over over the average Knight paint job I see, real detail and care into every bit.

        • The few Chaos Knights I’ve seen – actual upgrade kit, have been airbrushed where it’s all the same, and really boring. It makes me sad to see such cool detail lost in an uninspiring paint job. Not saying I paint better, but I do focus on details.

  • It looks great! You really managed to give it a great Chaos look, both the painting and the model itself. The shield and the bayonet stands out (in a positive way) and adds some really nice contrast.

    • I appreciate it. I definitely wanted it to be identifiable as Chaos. That’s why I went to such lengths to get the details right.

      I always try and find a few things to really work on, and make stand out. Those two things were exactly the items I intended to stand out :)

  • Dude…..pure awesome. The work and effort you have put into this models has really paid off. All the conversion bits you have done, and highlighting all the chaosy bits just brings it to life and make it great. Love it!

    • Thank you.

      I’m beyond joyed that all the effort shows. I went back and looked, 8 months of work on this thing. If I didn’t have something halfway decent after 8 months, I’d have to give up painting ;)

  • Very nice! Definitely a result worthy of the time you’ve put into it.

    • Much appreciated. A labor of love for sure.

  • Awesome! The “pink” blade is a brave choice, but it pays the risk, it is incredibly eye-catching without steal all the attention. Great job! If I have read well, you forget to underline the fact that it is a work of brush only and, seeing such result, a great brush work!

    • I started doing pink power weapons on this army pretty quick into it. I always thought it was a great contrast to the blue and the black. It hasn’t been until recently though that I’ve managed to work the blends as you see it here, and I think it makes all the difference.

      You are correct, this is brush only work. You can spot it in some of the closeups, but overall I’m happy with how the brush blending came out. It was my first time brush blending anything on this scale, and it was a learning experience.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    great work!

  • Love it! One can tell that you put a lot of effort and time into this one. Brilliant really and the fluff piece is spot on! Ironfate is a cool name too.

    • Glad to hear it. I don’t mind putting a lot of time into a model as long as it shows. Like I said below, this was 8 months of work from fixing resin parts to painting it. I’m just glad people like it.

      The name revolves around the fact that in games he tends to be extremely hard to kill. I love naming my models based on what they do in games. They have to earn a name.

  • Fantastic work! The flesh and bone colors contrast work very well to add contrast and to highlight the corrupted nature of this beast. If it serves you half as well as you’ve painted it then you can expect many victories!

    • Thank you.

      It was a ton of work, but a fun project none-the-less.

  • Awesome, as was expected.

    • It wasn’t my expectation, I can tell you that. I hit so many roadblocks working on this. I had to keep setting it aside to work on other things to avoid serious frustration. Something would go wrong and I thought it was the end; that I hit the last issue I could deal with.

      So, the outcome of this thing was forever in limbo from my perspective ;)

      • I meant that it was our expectation as the audience.

        • Oh, I know. Just venting a bit. This thing was equal parts fun and frustration to get done.

  • jack shrapnel

    Great job! Looks Awesome!

  • Fantastic work Thor! Can’t believe I missed this earlier. I love the colors on him, very chaosy but not distracting. The shield turned out really well and the snow base looks awesome dude.

    • Thank you.

      He pretty well came out as In envisioned him, which is a miracle.

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