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SL732263I bought a box full of ork boyz on Ebay a while back and finally decided to put some together for a 1000pt game this weekend.  I bought them to be an ally mob for my Eldar and Dark Eldar – seemed like a good excuse to invest in some green brawlers.  My list is basically a Warboss, a big mob of Boyz, and a unit of Kommandos to outflank or infiltrate with.  This weekend I just needed to get 15 boyz with a nob done and I accomplished that and then some.


BUT, as this was an inexpensive Ebay purchase, it didn’t quite come the way I’d expected.  It was basically 25 AoBR ork bodies with a wide variety of heads, arms, and bits from other orky kits.  So some of these models took some converting and ingenuity, plus green stuff and pinning to make them work.  But that’s the fun part, right?  Makes for some more interesting models, gives them personality.  And if there’s an army that lends itself to fun conversions, it’s Orkses!

2 by 2

big big

This is my “big shoota”.  A big muscle-bound nob body with a silly-minded grot head wielding two sluggas.  I literally plan to use it as a “big shoota.”


This other big shoota (probably one of my Kommandos) i made by melding two shoota bits together.  He also wears goggles on his head, which i like.

k boss

This nob will be my Kommando nob and possibly my Boss Snikrot stand-in (if I care to spend the points).  He’s got a cool Jason look and I plan to try a glow-in-the-dark blue color on his mask’s eyes.


This last guy I made gangsta style.  I pinned and scuplted his arm out to hold the pistol at a street hood angle and then angled his head to match.  Yo.

Of course my list of models to build and paint is longer than my arm and I have other projects to work on (see links below), but I also plan to make a space marine corpse to plant in the warboss’s power klaw.  Someday…

J. D. Brink

Brinks Chaos Theory

Fugitives of Purgatory

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really nice stuff! Starting an Ork army myself at the moment so this is inspiring!


Orks were my first army and will always be my favorite no matter how little I play them lately. It’s such a fun army to work on all around and I see you’re enjoying it as well. There’s just something about them that’s infectious.


The Orks were my third army, after Space Marines and Eldar, but they are still one of my favorites to work on. There is much more freedom to modelling Orks than there is with other races, and I find myself able to field them in a more lighthearted manner. The Orks are no joke, but there’s a lot more humor there than you find in the other armies.

It looks like you’ve got a good start towards a proper Waaagh! Keep it up!

JD Brink

thanks, everybody, and I agree wholeheartedly. They are just a fun band of mad max brand weirdos and modeling them is more fun than any other army. and as much as I might like to field a whole army of them i’m going to restrict myself to an allied mob. at least for now…