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Blog PlaygroundIf you aren’t aware, I created a new blog in February called Blog Playground. The premiss of the blog is to be a resource for fellow bloggers.

So far I’ve created 15 articles covering topics like monetization experiences, a headline analyzer tool for article titles, tips for writing better articles, how to get more traffic, and more. I also have a page that lists various blogging resources I use and recommend.

I also have some tutorials on there covering specific WordPress topics. Being that I’m a WordPress plugin developer, it seemed that some people may benefit from my experience – hopefully.

I’m also always looking for topics to cover over there as well. So, if you’re a fellow blogger, and you’d really like to know the answer to something in the industry, some help with something, or just some guidance, then please let me know in comments. Anything is fair game.

Hopefully you’re pardon the shameless promotion. I’m working hard at building that site up, so I’m attacking it on multiple fronts :)

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That website is a great resource and has been handy to me already. Cheers Thor.


And then, in this post, you’re blogging about blogging about blogging. That’s some serious meta-blogging :D


The headline analysis tool was hugely useful. I used it to rewrite and test some headlines on a number of sites!