Bloggers: Mystery Project WIP

MysteryThis is aimed at those who are bloggers. If you aren’t a blogger than you likely won’t find this interesting but feel free to read on anyway ;)

Now, in the past I’ve done a few series on blogging tips and overall they’ve fallen short on reaching an audience. I’m not sure if most of the readers here are gamers and not fellow bloggers, if people thought the article sucks, people don’t care, etc. Well, in the same vein as what I’ve tried to accomplish with those but this time with data to back it up, I’m embarking on a project. The project itself is daunting and extremely time-consuming but the pay off should be well worth the effort put into it. That’s the plan at least and where the data aspect will come in.

I wish I could give an ETA on this but there’s a lot of factors to take into account. Hopefully it’s sooner than later at least. So, if you’re a blogger and interested in my mysterious project that will ultimately serve to benefit you then check back soon ;)

In the mean time you should really check out those blogging tips. There is some useful information there and it is the foundation of what I’ll be working on.


  • Suitably cryptic to pique the interest, to be sure.
    Now hurry up and tell me.

    • The funny thing is that this article is part of the project; a step in the process I’m working on ;)

  • Sean Squires

    I’ll be following this one. The usual real life / ADD have kept me from following up on your previous tips. But I have every intention of going back through the posts.

  • Turner

    Be sure to take the IG Regimental Advisor the Astropath!  +1 to your reserve roll is nothing to shake a stick at and ever little bit helps!

    • You concern me sometimes Turner.

  • Hmm… My prediction is that you are personally sculpting an entire Tyranid swarm out of cheetos and chewing gum. While I applaud your creative approach to modeling a new army, I nonetheless worry just a little about your mental well-being. Still you have me hooked and looking forward to seeing this unfold.

    • haha! Maybe…

  • Trying to guess what this might be–but coming up empty…

    • In all fairness it’s not as exciting as I’m making it out to be. Useful by all means but likely for a limited audience. We’ll see.

  • Ug. About half-way done this project, which is good but damn, so much left to do.

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