Blogging: Making Social Media Work?

Social MediaIf you’re after advice on how to make social media work for you and your blog then you’re reading the wrong article. Instead, I’m doing some shameless promotion and seeking some advice.

There’s no denying, as much as some of us may dislike it, that social media networks are basically required in order to drive traffic and gain some recognition. Where I’m having a problem is establishing Creative Twilight in social media networks when, if I had to guesstimate, 99% of my traffic comes from other sources. In short, I didn’t establish Creative Twilight early enough, or push it enough, in social networks to gain any sort of significant impact. People found this blog through other means and those means are how they continue to access the blog.

I have all the little gadgets going to try and pimp Creative Twilight on Twitter and Facebook yet it still fails to capture attention, or people just aren’t interested. I can’t do anything about the latter but regarding the former…look to the right of this article!

Now, the thing I think that needs to happen on my end is to stop using Twitter and Facebook as just another place to pick up the RSS feed from the blog. At the moment that’s all either are doing, publishing my blog article excerpts. What I want to do is use those social networks as just that, a way to interact with the audience of the blog outside the confines of the blog where discussions revolve around the articles themselves.

That’s the goal, so now the shameless promotion stuff. You can find us on Twitter and on Facebook; follow and like us. Oh, let’s not forget Google Friend Connect, also off to the right.

  • TheRhino

    Well, I don’t typically add a myriad of stuff to my Facebook. I use it largely for brief communication and planning for my hockey team. I don’t want to chain myself to it for updates and discussions.
    I simply don’t use Twitter. Never have, never will. It seems like too brief and superficial a format for anything useful.
    I actually find 40K and hobby blogs through various bloggers’ blog rolls. I use yours often, and then if I find additional rolls by followingl inks on yours, I’ll keep “chaining” through til I run out of interesting links.
    A quick tip for those bloggers listed on blog rolls: Make your daily post title simple, and descriptive. It’s not the blog title that sucks me in, it’s the daily post title.

    • I hear ya. I use Facebook for much the same. I’m definitely not someone who hangs out on it.

      Blogrolls really seem to be the big thing for all of us bloggers, way more so than social media.

  • ming from b&c

    It is interesting how some blogs can rapidly grow and go forward. Links and word of mouth and such do count. I’d think you’d want to make sure you web site was always part of your signature. Blog groups are also a good thing.

    • I used to get a bunch of traffic from my signature but I really don’t do forums much. Really just B&C to check out yours and Rhino’s blogs. I am a part of a bunch of blog groups though.

      Definitely not a cry for traffic here. Just funny how social media works sometimes. Some people depend on it for their site/blog/forum/whatever, others not so much.

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