Blogroll: I’ll Make You Famous


Just kidding, but I will add you to our blogroll on the right (somewhere over there). All wargaming sites are welcomed and I only ask that you link back to us in return.

Toss me a comment below and I’ll squeeze you in the blogroll.

  • Agramar Lunawolf

    Can i join and be famous?XD

    • Of course! You’ve been added and are ready to become famous ;)

    • Don’t forget to link back :)

      • Agramar Lunawolf


  • Why haven’t you already made me famous? ;)

    • You’re on the blogroll so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be famous…

      • All good my limo jidt arrived. I think I am now famous ;)

  • corrm

    I want to be famous too!

    • You have been added. Prepare for unprecedented fame!

  • I can confirm I joined the Creative Twilight blogroll a couple of months ago and can no longer leave the house with out being mobbed by screaming fqns and receiving numerous solicitations of no strings attached Sexual encounters (unfortunately usually from persons with more facial hair than I’m comfortable with)

    Do you mean you’ve never heard of me :)

    • Yeah, sorry about that. I was drunk dialing…

    • You’ve been added :)

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