Blogroll Linkage and You

Do you have problems sleeping at night because your blog isn’t listed on our blogroll? Do sudden loud noises cause you to poop yourself? Good news! We can help with the former but if you suffer from the latter then you really should see somebody about that.

If you have a blog and would like to get linked in our blogroll then just toss us a comment below. All we ask is that is be wargaming related and that you link back to us in return.

  • Rob

    I’ve already got you on my blogroll, but a link would be nice :)

    • Thanks for having me already and you’ve now been added.

  • Dragons_claw

    Hi thor love to get on your blogroll

    Here’s a linkie to me

    Be more than happy to return the favour

    • Good to go here!

      • Dragons_claw

        All sorted my end too let the great flow of traffic commence

        • Death to the false Emperor! I mean, yes, yes, let the traffic flow.

          • Dragons_claw

            Our very own mini Astonomicon I might need a bit of help keeping it in sacrificial psykers I’ve got Uri Geller tied up in the trunk of my car but still need 9,999 to get it properly powered up :)

  • Hey Thor, I would love to add mine in as well:, creative twilight is now on my list!

    • You’re added. Good to see another WordPress site too :)

  • khorneinquisitor

    Sooo, you’re saying you CAN’T help with the second problem?

    • I’m afraid that’s beyond my capability :P

  • Heya Thor, I’ve got you down the left side of….

    • Howdy.

      I just added you back. Yet another WordPress site, awesome!

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