Blood Angels Land Speeders

Blood Angels Land Speeder Squadron – Part 3

I’ve begun to paint the land speeder squadron. I like the paint scheme that I am using for my Blood Angels. This color looks great on the speeders as well. When working on conversion heavy models its great to see the first few coats of paint on the models. It really ties together all of the conversion work, the resins, plastics, metals, and putty are all made equal by the priming!

Blood Angels Land Speeders
Base coat on the squadron

I’ve been starting this paint scheme with a black priming, and then sprayed Vallejo’s Bloody Red from the top down at several different angles. This is to create some initial shadows and a sense of some dramatic lighting and interesting shades.


Blood Angels Land Speeders
Top view of one of the Land Speeders.

This red tone is a little more orange than my other models. I’ll have to see if I can conform them a little once I get to the highlighting phase a bit more.

Blood Angels Land Speeders
Close up on one of the speeder’s base coat.

Next up is to add some metallic areas as well as some secondary colors once I determine what those should be!

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Looking really good. I like the conversion work you have done on these a lot. Bought some 2nd hand ones myself to give it a try for my word bearers


Thank you! It will really be nice to sort out the highlights and some of the other detail colors.


I’m with you on getting things primed and base coated when you’ve done a lot of work on them. Seeing things one color really pulls it together.

They are looking great. You’ve got a lot of painting ahead of you!


Glad you like it. There is a pile to do! I have most of my 2k build at this point. The next big step is the metal areas. There is a tertiary color which I need to sort out as well.


Damn. Building 2K is a lot to do. Saw your Assault Squad on the bench the other day.

Trying to figure out what tertiary color to use?


I also love that moment when the first layers of paint erase the differences between the various materials use for a Conversion and bring it all together. Looking forward to seeing your further progress. Maybe it’ll motivate me to do something with the four primed Speeders I have sitting around ;)


Do it! The speeders are good performers in games. Next up is the crew!

Joe Baird

I guess when you had mentioned the WIP before, I didn’t catch you were building and painting 5 of them! Way to batch convert/paint!