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Blood Angels Land Speeders

Blood Angels Land Speeder Squadron – Part 3

I’ve begun to paint the land speeder squadron. I like the paint scheme that I am using for my Blood Angels. This color looks great on the speeders as well. When working on conversion heavy models its great to see the first few coats of paint on the models. It really ties together all of the conversion work, the resins, plastics, metals, and putty are all made equal by the priming!

Blood Angels Land Speeders
Base coat on the squadron

I’ve been starting this paint scheme with a black priming, and then sprayed Vallejo’s Bloody Red from the top down at several different angles. This is to create some initial shadows and a sense of some dramatic lighting and interesting shades.


Blood Angels Land Speeders
Top view of one of the Land Speeders.

This red tone is a little more orange than my other models. I’ll have to see if I can conform them a little once I get to the highlighting phase a bit more.

Blood Angels Land Speeders
Close up on one of the speeder’s base coat.

Next up is to add some metallic areas as well as some secondary colors once I determine what those should be!

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Blood Angels Land Speeder Squadron – Part 3
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