Blood Bowl: Chaos it is

Blood Bowl Chaos WarriorAs I mentioned recently we’re trying to drum up interest for Blood Bowl at my FLGS. I had originally decided to do an Orc team because it’s easy to proxy but then I realized I could do a Chaos team easily too since I use Beastmen for my Chaos Marines’ Lesser Daemons. So, change of plans and here’s my initial roster.

1) Chaos Warrior
2) Chaos Warrior
3) Chaos Warrior
4) Chaos Warrior
5) Beastmen
6) Beastmen
7) Beastmen
8) Beastmen
9) Beastmen
10) Beastmen
11) Beastmen

Re-roll x 3

Hopefully I do well the first game to land an apothecary. I’m always fearful running a team without one. I have no intention of getting the Minotaur either so once I have the apothecary it’s just a matter of getting a few more Beastmen. As much as I love the Minotaur I’ve just never had any real luck with him. Oh, when he keeps his head in the game he’ll mangle the other team but then there’s the games where you can’t do anything with him. As a general rule I’ve been staying away from big guys with the wild animal trait and finding I do better without them.

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Blood Bowl: Chaos it is
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