Blood Bowl: Chaos it is

Blood Bowl Chaos WarriorAs I mentioned recently we’re trying to drum up interest for Blood Bowl at my FLGS. I had originally decided to do an Orc team because it’s easy to proxy but then I realized I could do a Chaos team easily too since I use Beastmen for my Chaos Marines’ Lesser Daemons. So, change of plans and here’s my initial roster.

1) Chaos Warrior
2) Chaos Warrior
3) Chaos Warrior
4) Chaos Warrior
5) Beastmen
6) Beastmen
7) Beastmen
8) Beastmen
9) Beastmen
10) Beastmen
11) Beastmen

Re-roll x 3

Hopefully I do well the first game to land an apothecary. I’m always fearful running a team without one. I have no intention of getting the Minotaur either so once I have the apothecary it’s just a matter of getting a few more Beastmen. As much as I love the Minotaur I’ve just never had any real luck with him. Oh, when he keeps his head in the game he’ll mangle the other team but then there’s the games where you can’t do anything with him. As a general rule I’ve been staying away from big guys with the wild animal trait and finding I do better without them.

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Spectre Senence

As the games get played and your opponents start expanding their roster, many gravitate towards the “Big Guy”. The reason, well it’s Blood Bowl. He knocks down the little guys and the rest of the team “fouls” him out of the game. Computer games don’t simulate the true brutality of this game. The AI is trying to score not knock out your best player with a cunning plan of beating him to death. I suggest you reconsider. 8)

Spectre Senence

Makes sense, I’ll be following along your lines [No Big Guy] when we get this going as I’ve been wanting to get more games in with my Amazon team. 8)


Yeah, I looked at the link that was posted on the forums I believe and I was torn between running chaos or skaven.  I am going to opt for skaven however.  Also, if you would like some actual chaos warrior models to play with let me know.  Gotz a bunch.

Stealthy Stealth

Freaking A of course you want to be Chaos. I went Chaos first and I will take a Minotaur. Your going to need those 300 games 


Goblins are my first love in Bloodbowl. Useless as all get out except for that one time you can get the Troll to hike a Goblin carrying the ball endzone-wards.
Every other time, the dozy bastard eats the little bugger.