Human Team Roster

Blood Bowl: Human Team Starting Roster

In a few weeks we’ll start up our first season of Blood Bowl at my FLGS. I’ll be using my Human team, and have come up with a starting roster.

Titan Bay Thunderhawks

Blitzer x 4
Linemen x 5
Re-rolls x 3
Fan Factor x 3

Total: 1,000,000

I’d like to start with an Apothecary, but the funds aren’t there. So, I just rolled the 30,000 into Fan Factor. I’m hoping that will give me an edge to win cash quicker to cover it. I also figure 3 re-rolls should be good.

I like starting Humans with an Ogre. I find the big guys tend to be slow leveling up, as they rely on injuries for SPP, which can be a very slow road. That, and an Ogre is more reliable than some of the other big guys. So, starting off with him shouldn’t be too much of a determinant.


I’m looking for feedback from Blood Bowl vets. Not only feedback on the starting roster, but I’m also curious about Assistant Coaches, Cheerleaders, and Fan Factor. Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders aren’t something you’ll always get a use out of, so I’m curious the common consensus on starting with any, as well as buying them later. Do you bother? If so, how many do you usually get on a typical team?

Fan Factor, same questions really. That has more value game-to-game, I get that, but still curious where people stand with that on a starting roster.

Final Thoughts

I still have quite a bit of painting to do for the team*, but I wanted to finalize my roster first. No sense painting up more than I need – initially anyway.

The season we play likely won’t be very long. So, I’m not expecting to see a ton of progression with the team. That’s why I’m trying to front-load the team as much as I can, as the cash for players later on, and other team benefiting options, will likely be lacking.

I’m really looking forward to my first tabletop Blood Bowl season!

Aside: The team is now fully painted. You can check out the showcase.

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I think you need to check the math on the Roster. 12 Players with 3 rerolls, 4 blitzers, and the ogre with an Apoth comes in at 1100K by my check.

Joe Baird

Looks like fun! Did you find/build the ogre yet?

Spectre Senence

Your 2nd list works. Somethings I try to do for starting teams is fill out about 11 players then try to get as much rerolls as possible, this is because they inflate so much during the season. The other things are pretty easy to get but that also is based on a very solid Fan Factor, Good Luck!