Human Team WIP

Blood Bowl Human Team – More Work in Progress

I’m slowly plodding along getting my Human team for Blood Bowl done. I was able to get two more Blitzers off a friend last week, so now all I need is the Ogre and my team will be done as far as collecting goes.


I wanted to change up the Blitzers a little, seeing as they are all the same pose. On this first one I rotated his left arm downwards. It was a simple cut and reglue procedure, and I think it worked pretty well. I also changed the position of the head to face to his right. That was also just a matter of some cutting, since the head is slotted to fit one way only.

Blitzer: Modeling #3

For the second one I cut off his right arm, and repositioned that. That repose required some Green Stuff since I changed the angle quite a bit.

I still have to modify the helmet on these two by putting on the bigger wing on the crest.


I’m also working on painting the last three Linemen I need on my starting roster. I had painted the team one model at a time, but I thought I’d batch paint all of a position at a time to improve speed. It works out well since I have to wait on washes to dry at various stages. So, I work on one, wash, move to the next while that’s drying, etc. My plan is to get all the base colors on there, and then do one model at a time for the weathering stages, and to add some extra detail to each.

Human Team: WIP

They aren’t very far along at this stage, but the hardest work is done. The pants take me a bit to do, as well as the skin. That shot washes everything out too much, but I was feeling lazy and just took shots from my desk.

That’s it for now. Hopefully this week I can wrap up those three Linemen.

Update: You can also check out the fully painted Human team.

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Joe Baird

Making good progress there Thor, I like the modified poses.