Humans vs Orcs

Blood Bowl: Humans vs Orcs – League Play

Unfortunately, I’ve only managed one season game in my division. However, I have played two friendlies in the legaue, and this past week was one of those. The Titan Bay Thunderhawks (Humans), who were seriously hurting, went up against Kenny’s Orcs, the top team in the league.

My team was coming off a rough week. I had two players out, and one of them had -1 MA when he returned. The team that beat them up? The same Orcs I was facing that night. I was determined to win this game though. Not only did I get beat down the week prior, I lost the game in sudden death.

Titan Bay Thunderhawks

Thrower #1 – Sure Hands, Pass, Block
Blitzer #3 – Block, Mighty Blow
Blitzer #4 – Block
Blitzer #5 – Block
Blitzer #6 – Block
Linemen #7
Linemen #8
Linemen #10
Ogre #16 – Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-head, Throw Team-mate, Loner

So, I had to take on two Journeymen for the game. That’s the problem with the starting roster I took, nothing for the bench, and my treasury has been bleak.

The Game

I won the kick choice and opted to receive. I figured I’d try to score while I had a full team. After the first half against Orcs, a Human team tends to be down 1-2 players.

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I got the ball with my Thrower, and headed towards the left side of the field. The Orcs came at my forming cage immediately, which ended up being their mistake. They kept marking me up, but my team was up to the task, and they put Orc after Orc down.

When I finally broke the Orc’s attack on me, I was able to push my Thrower through a gap, and then form up my cage around him. Kenny was able to catch up to my cage pretty easily. Again he started marking up my players. With a little luck I was able to clear a line for my Thrower who ran in for a touchdown on my turn #6.

Kenny had two turns to score, but he couldn’t put together the pass he needed.

Second Half

The second half had me kicking off to the Orcs. For some reason, Kenny decided for a pretty long throw against the sidelines only three turns into the half. The catch had failed, and the ball landed off the field. The fans threw the ball near the center, on my half of the pitch. My Blitzers headed to it and scooped it up. With the ball in hands, my Blitzers headed to the right side of the field.

The Orcs swept in, nailed my Blitzer with the ball, but the ball bounced to another of my Blitzers who caught it! I was bogged down though, and not enough man-power to break through. The Orcs took down the ball carrier again, snapped it up, and ran it in on their turn #8.

Sudden Death

Apparently Kenny and I are destined for sudden death each game we play. However, this time I was the one receiving the ball.

I formed up on the right, using my Blitzers to try to clear a path through. As expected, my cage got marked up again. I had put one Blitzer downfield, within range of the endzone. It was time for a risk.

My cage was halted, and the Orcs were going to win the fight. I cleared the Orc Lineman off my Thrower and threw it to the Blitzer downfield who was marked up by a Lineman. The Blitzer caught the ball, and then he blitzed off the Lineman on him. I got a push (perfect), and then ran it in for the game winnning touchdown.

Score: 2-1 for the Titan Bay Thunderhawks


It was a great game, just as the week before against Kenny and his Orcs. I held up way better this week though. His armor breaking frequency was on the low-end (for him anyway), and when he got it the result was almost always stunned. He did KO three of my players first half, but I bought 2 Bloodweiser Kegs with inducements – having expected it, and it paid off.

My team did fight back well though, and a fair amount of Orcs got sent off for KO’s, and even one casualty.

Next week I’ll be back at full strength, and I was able to buy a Catcher with the winnings from this game, plus what I had in my treasury. I finally have one player for reserves! Now, we’ll see if the Catcher lives through that next game though…

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Good stuff man. I think you are nailing the reports for these matchsz just right.
Strong play bringing home the win and all.

Spectre Senence

A catcher can survive on you even with low armor because of the likely hood of scoring and getting points. Once you get one immediately go for block. It now takes the regular knockdown to drop him which is one and six on each die. Much better odds!

Karlos Perez

AAR’s are always nice to read, even If i don’t play that wargame specifically. A good read to be honest :)


Nice read. I just picked up some cheap, lightly picked-over Marauder sprues to start converting a Norse team. Never played before, but I’ve always heard good things about the game. Looking forward to getting to give it a try.