Blood Bowl: My First Team

Blood Bowl: Chaos BeastmenWe’re slowly getting some interest in Blood Bowl at my FLGS and since I absolutely love the game I figured it was time to get a team ready for tabletop action. I decided on a Chaos team and I’m in the process of buying the figures I need. I’m snagging Warriors off of Spectre Senence and then the Beastmen from Eriochrome over at Sons of Twilight’s Bargain Bin. In a few weeks I’ll have the team in my hands.

Originally I planned on converting a team for Blood Bowl. As much as I’d enjoy doing that I just don’t think I’ll have the time for it. With 40K’s 6th edition around the corner, and a Chaos codex hopefully, I have the feeling I’ll be plenty busy with that. Aside from that, I do have a thing for old models and have always enjoyed painting them, though assembling metal annoys me. Fortunately these Blood Bowl figures are a solid sculpt. I figure once things settle down on the 40K front, and hopefully pick up on the Blood Bowl front, I’ll get a few other teams going and then I’ll re-evaluate converting a team.

Once I get working on the team I’ll be sure to get shots up. I haven’t decided on a team name yet or a paint scheme. Maybe once I have the models inspiration will strike. We’ll see.

I do plan to do some green stuff work though. The intro shot are the Beastmen I’m getting from Eriochrome and as you can see there’s only two poses there. I’ll sculpt some shoulder pads, add in some more straps here and there, things along those lines to break up the monotony.

To any of those from XRG reading this, you should really consider getting into Blood Bowl. The rules are easy to learn, as well as free, and building a team is super cheap. I’ll have a full team for less than buying a box of Tactical Marines. You only need 11 models to field a team, though you’ll want some extras.

The game is incredibly fun too. What’s not to like about driving up the board smashing the opposing team on the way? You’ll see us playing on Wednesdays after 40K games so check it out.

  • therhino

    A Skaven team would be fun, but I’ve got zero free time for anything more right now :(.
    I do find it funny that I blindly picked Skaven because I liked the models, and discovered they’re the “fastest” team in the game. What is it with me and speed?

    • Skaven are fun. Fragile as hell but fast. It can be a tricky team for a new player but not the hardest either.

      Eh, if you ever find the time again you should look into it. You can have a team built and painted in no time at all.

      • Von

        Definitely not the hardest, and I feel one of the best once you’ve got the hang of them (i.e. learned to treat them as a Gutter Runner delivery system…)

      • therhino

        We’ll see what 6th Edition has in store, and then maybe branch from there.

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