Blood Bowl – Orc Starting Roster for a New Season

At my FLGS we are trying to get some interest in running a short Blood Bowl season. There’s only a handful of us who know the game, but I’m hoping those who don’t will be interested in checking it out and giving it a shot. Blood Bowl really is a fun game.

Anyway, I’m not sure when we’ll actually begin but I wanted to get a team ready and I already know it will be Orcs. I don’t actually own any Blood Bowl teams and the easiest thing I can proxy in is my 40K Orks as an Orc team.

This will be my first table top Blood Bowl team, albeit a proxy for now. I play a lot, I mean a lot, of Blood Bowl on the PC. So, Orcs are not new to me at all and it’s a team I routinely do well with, so it all works out.

Orc Roster

Here’s what I was planning for my starting roster:

Black Orc
Black Orc
Black Orc
Black Orc
Re-roll x 2
Treasury = $30K

The last time I rolled up an Orc team this was my starting roster and I got off to a great start with the team. Although I try to avoid starting a team without an apothecary, I’m doing just that with this roster and it will be my first purchase, hopefully after the first game.

With Orcs I like having all my positionals from the start. Black Orcs need every game they can for SPP, so having all four from the start is ideal. Having all four Blitzers out the gate helps a lot to get me block on the field to offset only having 2 re-rolls. I also like to start with a Thrower to get sure hands.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Despite having played a fair amount of Blood Bowl I by no means claim expertise.

  • Benito Senence

    I’ve been playing Blood Bowl for years, if your interested in Orcs I’m very sure I have a team stored away somewhere. I love this game and was excited when it game out and played just like the table top on video. The only poor thing about the video game is it doesn’t have the teams I like [xbox 360]. I would be interested in the league too. I got an Amazon team awhile back and never got to play much with them. I also have a nice Undead team.

    • The Xbox version is horrible by every review I’ve seen by players. The PC version is a lot less buggy and has more teams, though not 100% of them just yet.

      If you find the Orcs then I’d love to borrow them. I don’t want to commit to modeling up a team until I know for sure people are generally interested in doing something like this beyond trying it out.

      Amazons are a good team, especially at lower TV levels, and they hold up well at higher TV too. Undead are one of the few teams I’ve not tried because they don’t interest me much. Necros on the other hand I really enjoy.

  • Lukas

    No Ghazghull D: . Also I have no idea what half that means, but you clearly forgot to run Ghaz.

    • haha! Yeah, no Ghaz in Blood Bowl. The game does have star players, people you can hire for one game, that are sort of Ghaz-like.

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  • Coach

    I would recommend starting with more rerolls than getting reserve players, especially for a high armour team like Orcs. is an article discussing various options. If you’ve already started the team then sorry this is a bit late, though there are other articles on my site you may find useful.

    • Well damn, Coach is here!

      I’m very familiar with your site as I use it all the time. Great site by the way. Speaking of, how did you stumble to my blog?

      It’s been a while since I’ve gone over the starting Orc roster there, will have to take a peek. The above roster I used online, granted in MM, and had very good luck with it. In fact, the best start to any team I’ve ever had; hence me considering it here. That being said, there’s always room for improvement and my starting rosters are usually where I screw up.

  • Coach

    Heh, was just passing some time while watching the football. I often do a Google blog search for recent Blood Bowl posts for inspiration. This post happened to show up today. I like to see what’s going on around the wider BB community.

    Your listed line up is by no means terrible and can in fact have success like you mentioned. The fact rerolls double in price though and the Orcs tend not to die as often as most players, it is better economic sense to start with the third reroll. It will also help with those Black Orc blocks until they get Block.

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