Bloodletters: WIP #1

Bloodletters: Paint in Progress

I’m working on the last five Bloodletters I have for my second squad. Nothing special; just a tabletop paint job on these guys. As it stands, the skin is base coated, dry brushed and washed. That’s the longer part of the process (not that it’s all that long), and the rest is quicker.

Pardon the slightly out of focus shot.

Bloodletters: WIP #1
Not sure when I’ll finish these guys up though. Life has thrown a wrench in the works and the tournament I was working on these guys for (at least in one of my list versions), I won’t be able to attend. Of course that means I’m not going to have much time to paint either, not for a little while. That also means it’s going to be pretty quiet here for a bit.

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Bloodletters: Paint in Progress
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