Book Review: Rynn’s World

Hey all, Amberclad here again, and today I’m going to try my hand at a book review.

Rynn’s world is written by Steve Parker and comes from the “Victories of the Space Marines” series and it features the Crimson Fists chapter. It’s the story of the tragedy that happened on their home world during a massive ork planetary invasion led by the arch arsonist Snagrod. During the invasion, a stray orbital defense missile strikes the chapters fortress monastery and utterly destroys it and almost the entire chapter. The book focus’ mainly the chapter master Pedro Kantor and 4th company captain Allesio Cortez.

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Overall, I loved this book. Some parts could have been better written and the battle scenes could also have been done a little better but the one thing that I take from this book is the interactions between the space marines and the normal human beings. Now almost every story you ever hear about the space marines it’s about their mission, brotherhood, honor, and glory. This story has plenty of that, as you would expect, but above all it has compassion.

Now most astartes have nothing but contempt for the average human, seeing them as weak, fearful, and pitiful. It’s true that a human compared to astartes are all these things but chapter master kantor is the only space marine that I have read about that realizes the true purpose of himself and his brothers. They are there to protect mankind. I’ll take an example from the book. Once Arx Tyrannus (fortress monastery) was destroyed, Kantor and what few survivors he found had to trek halfway across the continent to New Rynn city to meet up with the 3rd company that were deployed there. In there travels they come across several groups of refugees and even save them. Now in such dire times such as these, mission protocol would dictate to leave the weak behind or not intervene on their behalf at all and focus on the objective. Kantor does none of these things and him and his group make it to New Rynn city with refugees in tow. It’s this sort of compassion that I have not read about in other space marine novels. It put a human face on rather characterless super humans if you will.

I won’t go in to further detail or spoilers, but I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in 7 foot tall killing machines. I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5

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I keep meaning to pick this one up. Looks like it will be a good read when I finally do though.

Good review.