Busy, Blah, Blah, Blah

I feel like I have 100 projects going at any given time. I run this blog plus seven other sites/blogs, one of which is a business venture. Then of course there’s the 40 hour a week job and a family. Oh, when time permits I try to paint models.

BusyI could go on about being busy but that’s not much fun. Since I have been so busy though I haven’t had much of a chance to get stuff up here. So, figured I’d toss something up for the hell of it.

One of the projects I’ve been working in is getting House of Paincakes migrated from Blogger to WordPress. This past weekend, well starting on Friday morning, Loquacious and I started hammering away at the migration. It’s a process we began in the winter and finally pulled the trigger on a few days ago. Things still need fixing and nothing is complete but all-in-all the migration went well.

On the painting front, I’m still working on my Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut. The Herald is now almost complete and it’s getting close to completion. I’m trying to tidy up a few things before I get some more WIP shots though. Painting time is about to diminish again for a bit so it might be a few weeks out. I will get that damn thing done though!

Oh, I also put a call out for people interested in being an author here. We all have to deal with life and free time comes in ebbs and flows. Having more authors is great for keeping the content flowing on the blog and for drawing in more readers. I’d love to get some more authors here, even if it’s like once a month, so if you’re interested check out that link.

Speaking of, a new author started the other day, Coyotebd. His first article is about starting up Warmachine and it will be a series chronicling his journey into a new game. It’s a great read so check it out.

Things are crazy and hectic but I’m here and hopefully will have some real content soon.

  • I don’t know how you are handling working two blogs. As if one wasn’t enough! You are a crazy crazy person!

    But keep up the awesome work regardless :). I’m still playing witcher 3, but almost at the end! Then crazy ork times!

    • Most days I’m up an hour early before I have to do anything and just work on blog stuff. It’s an addiction.

      Speaking of addictions, glad yours is almost done so you can do some hobbying :)

      • Seriously…i think I can hear the grots crying in the other room!

    • Tyler Provick

      Wait, writing for multiple blogs at the same time is a bad idea? ruh roh!

      • Guys! Staph! You are making me look bad in front of the other bloggers!

        • Yeah, Mr. One-Blog and only once a week if he feels like it :P

        • We are blogging about toy soldiers, we never looked good in front of each other ;)

  • Just not putting the effort in then are you? :P
    Blog posts come and go but the quality of the blog remains.

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