Campaign Report: Mega-battle

At the LGS we began a campaign last night. The first battle was simple, bring 500pts and join the free-for-all mega-battle. We had 12 of us last night and so we set up an 8’x8′ table and commenced the chaos.

I’m not even going to try and give a report on this beyond some nuggets. The game dragged out for 5 hours before it concluded. When we began the game some alliances were formed. I had teamed up with most players on two edges of the board, all Xenos races (I brought my Orks). Those who either didn’t join an alliance, or were just in bad positions to do so, were the first ones out.

Most of the game I spent driving my Battlewagon with my Warboss and Nobz across the table. Then the Necron player I was allied with decided to try and gauss my Battlewagon. Behind my Battlewagon was a Destroyer Lord with Scarabs. Seeing that he tried to blow up my Battlewagon with shooting, I surmised the tail I had wasn’t to support me in an assault. I got out and smashed the bugs and Lord then got back in my Battlewagon. I eventually got to his Warriors and smashed their heads in to. Da tin ‘eads were gone.

Meanwhile, we had an Eldar player in a Falcon flying around. Between those of us left we had one player who had a chance of downing it with shooting, albeit a rare chance, so we left him alone to try and we worked on keeping the Falcon in the open to be shot at. Many turns later our friendly tank went down and so did our hope of taking out the Falcon. At that point it was myself, another Ork player and the Eldar left. There was nothing for me to do but charge the Ork player, and naturally that’s what I did. I cleared out the three Meganobz and the Warboss so we called the game. There was no way I could catch the Falcon and given enough turns he’d have destroyed my Battlewagon and killed me off.

Out of 12 players I took 2nd place, not bad. The Eldar player and myself became team captains and we had to pick our teams. Going forward the campaign will be team vs team, each week being a different format. We know next week is a 1K per-player team game, so time to work out some Ork lists.

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