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Category: Miniature Hobby (Page #65)

Thor’s Workbench: Standoff Prep

Like the other authors here, I’m getting ready for the Standish Standoff this November. My list is not set in stone yet and changes every other day, yet there’s some core components I know I’ll need so I’m working on getting that stuff painted. Namely a Chaos Marines squad. I’ve had this unit for way

World Eaters Progress

With the somewhat official packet for the Standoff being released I have finally cemented my list according to the released composition score. I really really wanted to run a sorcerer in the list but the ding on the comp for 3 HQs was just too high for me to stomach. I am not complaining, I

Sidetracked: Sisters of Battle PIP

Hello all, I recently purchased an airbrush, something I had wanted to pick up for years.  From what I’ve seen online they are great for larger models such as tanks and terrain.  I’ve already used it for one tank and I was quite happy with it.  Another reason I wanted an airbrush was to speed