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Experimental Thousand Sons

I managed to find time to paint today, most of which i spent on this Thousand Son model.  As much as I like the traditional yellow and blue stripes, I decided I wanted to try something different.  I went with a turquoise blue kinda look…  and when I was finished I really liked it.  Now,

Rebel Grot quick conversion

Hello all, Since there are very few actual Rebel Grot models I need to do a lot of conversions to build a full army.  I try to keep most of these simple so that I’ll actually be able to get them all done.  So far I’ve used 2nd ed gretchin with small green-stuff mods, and

Tanks for the Rebel Grots!

Hello all, I managed a bit of progress on the tanks for my Rebel Grots.  They are coming together nicely and I’m quite happy with them so far.  I made it down to the shop for a test game with my 1500pt Rebel Grot list, and I also made it to the monthly tournament with

The Bride and Groom… from Hell

I’ve been carrying these two around for years and I FINALLY spent about 5 hours getting them done today.  Meet Baphemut and Cassandra, my greater daemon and/or daemon prince model!  Baph is an old-school GW minotaur I got for cheap (cuz he’s so old) and Cassy is an old-school Dark Elves slave girl.  I just