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Sometimes we cover Warhammer 40K news, but mostly we leave that to sites who focus on such stuff. Instead, you will mostly find community news here, like upcoming tournaments, cool blogs you should check out, or interesting random videos we found on the internet – not cat videos, I promise.

News about Creative Twilight (the blog you’re on!), also goes in here. For example, we’re often looking for new blog authors, and those calls are posted here.

Warscribe: Wargaming Campaign Software

My wargaming journey started with Warhammer Fantasy, 15 years ago when I was a young lad of 10. Pretty early on in my gaming career my FLGS ran a Border Princes campaign with somewhere around 8 players. Every week, we’d have to meet up, write down our moves on little scraps of paper, and then

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #48

Another long in the making and very delayed Wargaming Bloggers Showcase! The Most Powerful Daemon God Discordian from Sepulchre of Heroes wrote a very interesting article about the Chaos Gods. More specifically, a particular Chaos God that has since disappeared from history – Malal. He has a great theory behind The Emperor, Grey Knights, Cypher,