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Community Pimp: 4th Week of December

This week’s pimping is a bit small since I’ve had little time to read blogs this week. I’m writing this on Thursday to automatically post on Sunday since I won’t be home until late Sunday night. Next week things should pick up. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I’ll see you next week! World

Community Pimp: Pimpin’ Time

Damn near every blog does one of these so I may as well! Seriously, I come across some really good stuff that deserves some additional attention, so here it is. Delusions of Grandeur: Weapons vs. Fists – Xaereth discusses the differences, other than the obvious, between those two weapons and his views on their best

Interview with Kamui – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with Kamui. You can find the first part here. What is your favorite aspect of 40K, IE: converting, modeling, painting, playing, etc? That’s a hard one to call.  It’s the whole package that keeps me interested in 40K.  If the figures came fully assembled and painted I would

Interview with Kamui – Part 1

Kamui is a friend of mine I’ve known since high school. Months ago he joined, put up two articles and vanished. So, to reintroduce Kamui I thought I’d do an interview, have a little fun and let you all get to know him since he better be putting out some more articles soon. Don’t make

Creative Twilight is One Year Old!

One year ago I started this site promoting commission painting. In the course of a year much has changed here. In that time I’ve only done commission work for two clients, one client came back for another round, and I’m in the process of doing work for a third client. With not much to post