CFKT I: Crimson Fist Kill Teams (part 1)

With the revision and republication of the 40K Kill Team rules comes a second wind for me in playing my Crimson Fists.  (Well, the new codex helped a little bit too.)  Actually, Kill Teams offers a new opportunity to play a lot of different armies, even more so than the Allies rules, because you can make small 200 point teams without having to invest in 2000 point armies.

Some of the things I like about Kill Teams:

* Running small squads of special ops bad asses.

* Being able to field a team from every conceivable army without investing a lot of money in them.

* Same for painting: A good way to motivate myself to paint is by specialist team.

* The new rules for specialists is well done, categorizing and limiting certain abilities across the team.

* Creating characters.  Characters is my favorite part of any game, so having a team where potentially everyone can shine and I can grant unique abilities to create even shiner characters is great fun for me.


The units I will likely draw from for a Marine Kill Team:

Troops: Scouts.  These guys are perfect for the black ops role, and are the cheapest unit point-wise, so they compliment the more expensive guys for squeezing two units into 200 points.

Troops: Tac squad.  Well obviously.  Nice thing about this 6th ed codex is you don’t have to take a full squad of 10 to get a special weapon.  And the models are slightly cheaper points-wise, so you can get more of them in your budget.

Elite:  Sternguard.  My first choice (next to scouts), as they come with specialist ammo.  Perfect for adapting to different scenarios in a spec-ops role.

Fast Attack:  Assault marines.  Jump in, tear ’em up, jump out.  And, like the CSM codex, we can now arm up to two with special weapons, making them way more flexible.  So in a squad of five, three (including the sergeant) can have special weapons.

Fast Attack:  Vanguard vets.  For a slight point increase (only 10), you can upgrade those assault marines to veterans.  And every model in the squad can be uniquely armed, which is way cool, but also expensive.  Plus I can still equip some with jump packs for a mere 3 points, but not be obligated to make them all jumpy.  (That’s my interpretation anyway – they’re all individuals and it says “per model” so…)

Dedicated Transports:  Razorbacks and Land Speeder Storms fit well here, especially the Storms.  Though they suck up a big chunk of your 200 point budget.  (Of course, you and your buddy can always agree to boost that budget to 225, 250, or whatever.)

Another possible Elite: You could also take a full Legion of the Damned team, which would be cool and even fluffy to run alone, but since they can’t deepstrike in KT…  Not my first choice.


In part two I’ll come up with some characters and list possibilities.

J.D. Brink

Brink’s Chaos Theory

  • I have yet to play a game of Kill Team but I’m looking forward to it. I also like the idea of getting to try a new army. For me it’s Eldar. I enjoy their fluff and like the aesthetics of certain units but have never really wanted to invest in them as a full 40K army. With Kill Team I have that opportunity to just field those units I like and have a good time.

    • Warren Falconer

      your dead to me…eldar seriously….actually I had a lot of fun with kill team at the Jan tourny with…I think it was kyle, though I know now that stern guard are redonkulous at kill team and for that I apologize to kyle (if that was your real name). Try it out its a blast!

      • I’m thinking units like Striking Scorpions, Howling Banshees, Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks. Nothing lame and cheesy. Basically, the cool looking stuff.

  • JD Brink

    Hey, what’s wrong with Eldar??? Really, the cool units would be used for Kill Team. I’m thinking aspect warriors, bikers, and/or harlies.

  • khorneinquisitor

    For me it’s dark Eldar that I would love to try out. Incubi in a venom.

  • I have always liked the idea of kill team but I never got around to trying it out in the last iteration. Maybe I’ll get a chance this time around!

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