Challenges: Voices of Reason

Sigismund - Emperor's ChampionSigismund - Emperor's ChampionThank you for all the great feedback on my mad scientist rules for fighting Challenges.  And those of you who have voiced concerns are all right, of course—neither version ended up very balanced.

My main objective was to give Challenges some teeth and value.  My experience with them thus far is useless annoyance.  I hate that to refuse a challenge makes your character worthless but to actual fight the challenge–and winning or losing it–does nothing.  But you voices of reason have all been correct, the way I have it doesn’t soften that, it makes it worse.  Powerful close combat models could still take terrible advantage and imbalance the game.  And as I am an anti-competitive player, I would hate to see an army built around one or two guys geared for winning purely through challenges.  I tried to make this game aspect more meaningful and ended up making it super-powerful instead.

So how about this:

Take 3: Everything is the same as in book but —

1. Refusing a challenge: You can refuse without penalty with a successful LD check but at half your normal value (round up): this is you trying to convince everyone within ear shot that you’re not a coward, you just don’t think you should have to fight the challenger just cuz he insulted your mama.

2. Fighting a Challenge: double each characters’ wounds inflicted during a challenge when totaling the combat resolution for the round.

3. If you win both the combat and the challenge, when your unit makes a consolidation move, roll 2D6 and pick the higher.

And that’s it.

I understand the “diving on the grenade” thing to draw a badass away from the rest of your unit, but I don’t think that should be the only function of a challenge and I don’t think that refusing it should automatically castrate your character.  So this gives you a chance to back out while still laying odds that you’ll have to kill the grenade diver first.  It also gives some value to the challenge while it’s happening, and grants a small reward for winning.

I think these meet my objectives without replacing every chainsword with a daemon weapon.  Hopefully a more balanced approach.  Now I’m going to stop fiddling with the rules and just paint some guys already.

J. D. Brink

  • Epaminondas

    Sorry about that! Didn’t see you ninja me before publishing… Thor, I don’t see in the admin window how to unpublish sometime and kick back a few days…

    • I set it back to draft for you. Kamui usually has a Monday post so we’ll get yours setup for Tuesday.

    • Jeremy Brink

      No problem. I’ve been off-line for a few days and didn’t even notice.

  • The only thing I’m still not big on is doubling wounds from the challenge for combat resolution. It’s all well and good when one-wounders fight it out but when someone has an instant death weapon and stuff out that 4-6 wound model, that’s rough. Maybe put a cap on the doubling, double to a max of 4.

    • Jeremy Brink

      I didn’t even consider models with that many wounds. I guess that’s possible. i still think the challenge itself should have some weight though. And I can’t see a 6 wound model being afraid to get in there and fight.

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