Blood Bowl: Chaos Calling

The Tau fandex and most 40k related things have gone on hold with the birth of my second baby girl “Princess Van Stealthy Stealtherson of Reroll ye ol  Reroll.” However I have been getting in some time on the XBOX with Blood Bowl!

I have never played Blood Bowl and Thor has informed me this is the worst form of Blood Bowl. So if you are ready to hit the reply button, thirsty to scathe poor Stealthy you can hold back. While the XBOX version is buggy the update fixes some of those problems. One thing it does not fix is the predictable dice rolling algorithm. There are to many if then, go to, actions. That being said I have always been one to learn a game thru playing it. Many of the people in my gaming group maybe shocked to find out that I get bored with the rule books and some times do not read all of the rules. I dive in and start playing the game different teams this that and the other.

Ding, Chaos takes the cake. What can I say I love the Beastmen. They start with horns and do not really suck in any one attribute. This is important because I do not fully understand what I am doing strategically and Chaos is forgiving. Tough enough to stand their ground, Strong enough to break down the other team and fast enough to forgive misplacement of models. I make a lot of mistakes right now so being all good all around is, well awesome!

There has been some talk about a league starting at our FLGS and I can not wait! I am kicking ideas around in my head for model ideas but nothing solid yet.

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Spectre Senence

Although the PC is better the Xbox version is still great because it’s a true copy of the table top version. After many versions of games based on GW this one at least made it as a computer version of the real thing. It is a great way to learn the game when you can’t find a game with table version, however you can play opponents via multiplayer with the xbox. Challange me sometime. I play both table and xbox!


Actually, Chaos is a tough team to start off with. Nobody starts with block, or any skills barring horns. The Mino being an exception but he has issues of his own. They can be developed in any manner you want, which is where Chaos excels, but at the same time that makes it hard on newer coaches because you aren’t be guided down an obvious path. Meaning, it’s easy to make a lot of poor choices without realizing it.

Chaos is one of my favorite teams for sure. Starting out though I find Humans and Orcs are amongst the easiest to learn with. I had started my first team as Chaos and based on what I said above did a lot of dumb stuff. I rolled up a lot of other teams that were just easier to learn with and latter went back to Chaos when I knew what was what.

Glad you’re enjoying the game. It’s addictive. For me the addiction is playing other people. The difference between how the computer plays and a real person is night and day. I thought I was the shit until I played a real person and quickly learned I had a long road. It was good though. Playing the computer got me to learn the basics. Playing people is where I learned to refine that.