More Chaos Counts-As: Horsemen of the Apocalypse


This is kind of a continuation of the conversation Thor and I were having on a similar Chaos counts-as post on my blog over at Brink’s Chaos Theory.   In my Chaos dreaming I also came up with the idea of having a Four Horsemen kind of unit and tried to figure out how to pull it off.  Looking at the two codices, the Daemons book has more possibilities for this, having a few Cavalry units to pick from.  Specifically, the Bloodcrushers and Fiends seem best to me (though Seekers of Slaanesh would work too, but aren’t as impressive). Bloodcrushers are Cav with WS, BS, and S 5, take 3 wounds, deliver a base of 3 attacks, and are daemons of Khorne, giving them furious charge too.  They’d be appropriately badass, as I’m imagining the Horsemen having much more power than meets the eye.  The leader can also buy daemonic rewards to add power and character.  They cost a pretty point or two, however, at 45 per model. Fiends are faster, having I6 and running an extra 6″, but aren’t as strong.  They have WS, S, and T of 4, but also take 3 wounds and deliver 3 attacks each which are Rending (as daemons of Slaanesh).  They can’t buy gear or have a character in the unit, but they have special powers that reduce the Initiative of models charged by -5 and hinder psykers within 12″ with a -1 to their psychic tests.  I imagine these abilities described as an “Aura of the Apocalypse”, the feel of THE END radiating from the dreadful horsemen.  They are a slightly cheaper unit too, at 35 pts per model. The Seekers option is way cheaper (12 pts each), and they can take rewards, but they’re not nearly as impressive stats-wise and only take 1 wound to kill.  (Plus, I have a unit of Seekers already if I want to use them.)


Caught up in inspiration, I found a box of Chaos Marauder Horsemen on ebay cheap and impulse-bought them.  I also considered the Chaos Knights (above) but while the Knights are much more daemonic looking, they’re just too… busy for me.  There’s too much going on on those models for my tastes.  I like the simpler look of the Marauder horsemen, they actually look like Horsemen.  I like the simpler and more human–and therefore creepier–look, personally. I’ve also lately been inspired to thin down my Warhammer collection to just Chaos 40K and maybe sell of the rest.  Moving to Japan next year is a great excuse to get rid of some of my stuff, especially models I bought and know I’ll likely never use.  Though we’ll see if that happens.  Might be good timing to sell off my Marines but I don’t know if I can actually part with my Eldar… J. D. Brink Brink’s Chaos Theory Fugitives of Purgatory

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More Chaos Counts-As: Horsemen of the Apocalypse
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