Chaos Daemons – 1,750 Tournament List

Yes, you read that right. Chaos Daemons, not Chaos Space Marines. Long time readers will know my struggle with Chaos Space Marines for longer than I care to admit. I love them, I really do, but that codex…

To give myself a break from banging my head against the wall, I’m striking out for the first time with Chaos Daemons. I’ve used them as allies, but never as an army on their own. Other than the break from CSM, this will really give me the chance to better learn and understand Daemons. The better I know them, the more useful they will be as an ally. So, all around this is an experiment, and honestly it’s one I’m looking forward to.

Today is a 1,750 tournament at my FLGS. What better way to cram for an army than three games in one day? With help from fellow Chaos friends, this is what I’ve come up with.

Chaos Daemons: 1,750


  • Keeper of Secrets: Pysker (M3), Greater Reward x 2, Soulstealer
  • Herald of Tzeentch: Pysker (M3), Disc of Tzeentch, Exalted Reward, Paradox
  • Herald of Khorne: Juggernaut of Khorne, Greater Locus of Fury


  • Daemonettes (10)
  • Bloodletters (10)

Fast Attack

  • Screamers (6)
  • Flesh Hounds (10)

Heavy Support

  • Daemon Prince: Daemon of Slaanesh, Greater Reward x 2, Psyker (M3), The Mark of Excess
  • Daemon Prince: Daemon of Slaanesh, Greater Reward x 2, Psyker (M3)

This is a very big departure from what I normally run, the Daemons part aside. This list packs 12 warp charges, and 3 monstrous creatures. It also has no shooting, barring psychic powers or rewards. If you’re going to experiment, go big, right?

I know some people like to regard the daemonic hatred that exists between gods, and that’s cool, but I don’t own enough in Daemons to take that into account. I have to throw down nearly everything I own to have a 1,750 list. That being said, my two favorite gods are Khorne and Slaanesh, so rivalry be damned, I’m playing what I like anyway :)

So, a few things. Soulstealer, on the Keeper, is one of the new relics for Daemons.

Soulstealer: 20pts. S User, AP3, Melee, Soulgreed (each time a model is removed by this weapon, the bearer immediately regains 1 lost wound). Keeper of Secrets or Demon Prince only.

For only 20pts the Keeper gets a way to regenerate. You can’t go wrong.

Paradox is also another new relic. This is on the Herald of Tzeentch.

Paradox: 25pts. S User, AP4, Melee, Concussive, Warp Contradiction (Once per turn when taking Psychic Test, bearer can pick up and turn all dice he has rolled to their opposite side instead (ie 1,3 and 5 become 6, 4 and 2). Lord of Change and Herald of Tzeentch only.

What this means is that on any failed cast you can use Paradox and immediately pass. Of course, that may come at the cost of getting perils, but still a great relic for only 25pts.

The last relic I’m using is on one of the Daemon Princes, The Mark of Excess.

The Mark of Excess: 15pts. At the end of a Fight Sub-phase in which the bearer kills a Monstrous Creature or Character, it gains +1 Attack for the rest of the game. KoS, Demon Prince or Herald.

Only 15pts to permanently gain more attacks is great. Combine this with Warp Speed, if I’m lucky enough to get the power, and you have a Daemon Prince throwing a ton of attacks.

The rest of the list speaks for itself I think. Again, a very different style of list from what I’m used to, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Who knows, maybe I’ll win a game today…

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas are all welcomed!

  • Amish Dave

    Who needs shooting in a list when you can just punch them in the face!

    • No argument here.

  • Good luck chief. Sounds like a fun list.

    • Thanks.

      I had a good time yesterday with it. I’ll do a quick blog post in a few days covering it a bit.

  • Klatoo Verata Nicto

    I hate to see someone break away from the CSM codex out of frustration, although I do understand. Personally, in order to compete I have a summoning CSM army. Soooo I get having daemons, I just like having mine for free? hehe. Daemon Princes make great summoners after all, especially Nurgle ones with the flaming brand… The Crimson slaughter Sorcerer is also great at summoning when he is a Slave to the voices. So it is possible to have 2 HQ Daemon types (to avoid the perils on any doubles) and Thousand Sons still available via a marked Sorcerer. The Possessed Marine tax is a little high there, but thats what I use summoning for, to offset the high costs and ineffectiveness of the CSM codex. Personally I’ve found quite a bit of success with only using one Daemon (the prince) to summon, and the other one buffing my only ‘hammer’ I can bring to bear, Chaos Spawn.

    • Klatoo Verata Nicto

      Here is my 1750 list. (Spell Dice 7)

      Tzeentch Chaos Sorcerer
      (Mastery Level 3)
      Force Axe, Balestar of Mannon, Sigil of Corruption, Chaos Bike. Daemon Heart, Melta Bombs

      Nurgle Daemon Prince
      (Mastery Level 3)
      Spell Familiar, Wings, Burning Brand of Skalathrax


      Melta Bomb (Aspiring Sorcerers only)

      10 Nurgle Chaos Marines
      2 Flamers, Blight Grenades, Melta Bombs

      Transport (Chaos Rhino)

      Fast Attack

      6 Tzeentch Chaos Spawn <— Sorcerer Goes here.

      Heavy Support

      3 Nurgle Obliterators

      5 Nurgle Havocs
      4 Autocannons

      5 Havocs
      4 Lascannons

      • Klatoo Verata Nicto

        It kind of bothers me that adding the sorcerer to the spawn does not equal 7, and I am not fielding 9 Thousand Sons… I guess Ive played this game too long.

        • haha! I got into Chaos when choosing the appropriate number meant nothing. Hell, I don’t even believe the CSM codex mentions it at all any more. So, I never got the mentality of hitting those numbers, but I can see how it would bug somebody who was used to them.

          • Klatoo Verata Nicto

            Well I get 7 Nurgle Spawn and 9 TS in my 1850 list, so alls good there. I have notoriously bad dice rolls (thus the need for divination, spell familiars, and a penchant for flame templates/Novas.) I work hard not to offend the dice gods… lol

            • Re-rolls are never a bad thing.

      • You’ve got some interesting choices. You don’t often see the Nurgle Prince with the Brand just on account on him jinking constantly for the 2+ cover. Thousand Sons are cool, but definitely over-pointed right now. Don’t get me wrong, not saying anything is bad, the beauty of Chaos it he diversity, just not something I see often is all.

        One thing Chaos does better than most armies is psychic powers on account on the 15pt Spell Familiar. I have no doubts GW will pull that from us in the next codex though.

        • Klatoo Verata Nicto

          I hardly ever jink with the Daemon prince because I work hard to keep him flying above terrain. Strangely enough, in 7th even when zooming a flying monsterous creature gets the cover save of whatever terrain he is above. Torrent distance, and a 24′ move usually means I can grab a cover save, and use my flamer ever turn. (Although sometimes it means I have a 3+ cover save [forest].) So his job is to torrent flame and summon behind enemy lines (ironically one of my favorite summons are also Flamers of Tzeentch.) Although if I get incursion, I use Screamers, and Fiends.

          Thousand Sons are definately overcosted, but they fill a niche in my army (Fearless Tarpit, to hold at bay other peoples deathstars.) Sadly they are also a bit of a remnant, because I used to field a true thousand Son army, but in order to stay competative I’ve been pushed to nurgle more and more… )=

          • Bouncing through terrain does remove the need for jinking, at least for Nurgle. I’m a sucker for close combat, and I have a hard time making such a massive beast as a Prince be a supporting unit ;)

            • Klatoo Verata Nicto

              Yeah, I know, but I’ve been disappointed so many times running a CC prince on the ground. *Shrug* I’ve tried the Nurgle DP of Doom config (black mace yadda yadda) and he will shockingly bounce off a lot of the deathstars out there, or get stuck in CC and Tarpitted. Almost always by the end of the game he is dead. 320 Points is alot to pay for a supporting character, but usually he has paid back his points by turn 3 (definately 4) in summoned creatures. Then there is the wreckage he does with his flamer and other psychic powers. The vast majority of games he is also still alive at the end of the game too, flying around summoning daemons on objectives…

              I’ve long ago given up the notion that CSM can dominate in CC, so many other armies just do it better, and cheaper. I play my list more like an Eldar, or Dark Eldar. Focus on shooting, and fast scoring units. Screamers got nurfed from the last edition, but if you can summon them with incursion they are game breakingly good. 24′ move with a 12 inch summoning from the Dp, and they can do their jetbike move (another 24) and slashing attacks the round they are summoned. This is amazing for grabbing objectives and surprising your opponent with last turn linebreaker. I see your using them in your list, what was your take away on the unit?

              Did you summon with your daemon list, because I have to think that with the beautiful list above you could have dropped 2 summoned squads a round with a decent magic roll… =D

              • I’ve learned the hard way that CSM are not an assault army.

                I didn’t focus on summoning so much as buffing. I wanted my big guys in combat to smash things, and they did their job well. I only summoned two units in all three of my games.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        thats a great idea to give the chaos sorcerer the balestar to make him a Daemon, never noticed that before.

        • Klatoo Verata Nicto

          It’s the prophet of the voices that makes him a daemon (but he can only join possessed units after recieving it) The Crimson slaughter daemons ARE better, but still overcosted for their attack profile.)

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            ok I see. But if he can only join possessed how can he join the spawn?

            • The list above doesn’t have Prophet of the Voices in it. I think he’s just saying it’s a setup he does run though.

              • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

                ok thanks!

    • I have been walking away from my games for many months thinking about not going back the next week. I play every week at a game shop. I play with great guys, it’s pretty casual, and it’s fun. But, I’d leave at the end of the night after the millionth ass-kicking, and consider staying at home the following week instead of enduring another beating. I just had no choice but to change something up for now.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        you my friend REALLY need to try supplementing your army with some artillery from IA13… oh and maybe a renegade Knight with two lots of gatling guns and the S8 rocket launcher on his head.

        • The Knight I do have, though I haven’t picked up the rules on the Renegade Knights. I’ve been running it as the Daemonic Knight, which I like, but it is point heavy.

          • Klatoo Verata Nicto

            I try not to FW too much, but their are gems there… The Rapiers with the quad heavy bolters for example are stupidly powerful for how cheap they are. 120 points for 18 twin linked heavy bolter shots (and a total of 6 marines with 6 t7 Rapier wounds all of which get 3+ saves..?) Amazing when compared to Havocs! hehe

            • The only FW I own is a Contemptor somebody gave me. Yep, just gave it to me, so who was I to say no? ;)

              I’ve always looked at FW as the icing on the cake. It’s the last component when my army is at a place I’m happy with. THEN I can start adding in FW units and such. That’s just me and my hangups though.

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