Chaos Gods, Metal, Bones, and Tentacles – Painting Continues

I’ve been posting some progress shots of the Land Raider on social media, so I figured I’d consolidate them here for posterity.

The Last of the Gods

I did some work on the Nurgle pustule-thing on the door, and the Slaanesh claw on the lascannon sponson is done. So, all 4 Chaos God elements are painted now.

Boney Protrusion

I was playing around with painting this and went backwards from my usual method. Typically I start dark and work up to a lighter color. I thought this method would create more of a separation from the fleshy area by starting light. What do you all think?

You can see it in more context in the other shots to follow.

Metal & Tentacles

Since those previous shots I’ve been working on the metal areas. At this stage I’m just base coating the metal to later be followed by washes, highlights, etc.

Also, you’ll notice I did the tentacles on the top. I decided to go with a flesh color for them. I like how they look with everything else. The tentacles are washed out a bit in these shots, but you get the idea.

Next Up

Once all the metal is base coated, I’ll probably start washing it then pick out the last few details I’ve skipped over. I can then move on to highlights and battle damage, and maybe eventually get it done!

Update: The Beast is done! You can check out the full Chaos Land Raider showcase.

  • Color selections are all great. Nice transitions and nothing clashes like mad.
    The horn is tough to gauge. That particular one is so short and round it’s hard to get a sense of what others will look like in the same scheme.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, I could have tested on a longer horn. The one on the back is the longest, so I’ll try the same approach there for a final decision.

  • Looking good. Really starting to come together. Excellent balance between the randomness of the mutations and still keeping it as a coherent whole.

    • Thank you, and that’s the thing I didn’t think I’d be able to pull off too, keeping it all coherent.

  • That is coming together so very well, bravo. I am hugely looking forward to seeing all the bits on.

    • Thanks.

      • Pity we cannot get the variations.
        What are your plans with running it?

        • I’m not sure yet. I’ve used it a few times in various roles. It’s been a Berzerker transport, and it’s been a stand-alone tank. I tend to like it more as a support vehicle. People like to tie it up in combat, cause you can do that now, and force it to fall back from combat; thus being unable to fire. So, keeping it back a bit for fire support works out well.

  • Looking great! Hurry up and finish so we can marvel at the completed Land Raider ;)

    • Thanks and I’m trying! My painting motivation has been lacking lately. I get like this during big projects, like this Land Raider. I make a lot of progress and then stall out a bit. I’m on the recovery phase from the stall, so I’m hoping to make some big progress this week.

  • Really looking great now. The cool blue and black tones are really warmed up by the flesh and mutations. It looks really good

    • Thanks. It’s definitely an exercise in color theory!

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