Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Havocs (PIP #2)

I was really hoping to already have these guys done, my Chaos Havocs, but it wasn’t in the cards. However, they are very close and I’m working on the basing now. Once the basing is done I’ll check them over to make sure I didn’t miss anything and then seal them.

I just took some quick shots with my phone so quality is mediocre at best. The shots are a tad small too because they just look worse bigger.

Lately I’ve mostly been working on single models so doing a batch like this reminds me how I dislike batch painting. It’s effective for sure but not my favorite thing to do.

  • Ming

    Looking awesome!

  • TheRhino

    They look good. Hopefully you get new heavy weapons in the rumored “new” CSM trooper box set. That autocannon is showing its age especially.

    • Thanks.

      I actually like that autocannon model. The missile ones are the worst; very static and blah.

      I am hoping for a new box for sure.

  • They’re looking great! I know what you mean about batch painting. It’s quicker but I really prefer to focus on one model at a time. I feel I miss more when I’m jumping from model to model.

    • Batch painting makes me cringe at the thought but it is damn effective. Maybe I just need to play an army with single model units…

  • JD Brink

    lookin’ great. continue to be impressed with the two-tone paint job. and I love the old-school MLs and heavy weapons. do they come standard now or did you scrounge for some old bits? only bad thing is that this highlights just how blah my unpainted scabs are…

    • Come standard now? Not sure what you mean.

      All but one of these are the old metal blister pack Havocs. I did do some head swaps though.

      I’m really hoping for a new kit soon and there’s rumors of a dual box with CSM and Havocs.

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