Chaos Knight: PIP #3-2

Chaos Knight: Brushing off the Dust & Applying Paint

I haven’t done an update on my Chaos Knight since the end of April. I had spent most of May preparing for Fratris Salutem, and then took a break once it was over. With my painting motivation returning, it was time to brush the dust off my Knight – literally, and get back to work.

First up, some shots.

This thing is in so many various stages right now that breaking it down would be too time consuming. I will say that the only part done on this right now is the right shoulder pad. I may come in and touch up a few things, but otherwise it’s complete.

The fleshy blending up from the armor towards the bone protrusions is what I’ll be doing for all those areas on the entire model. It took a few tries to get what you see, but I’m happy with the look of it. I knew I didn’t want to do worn down metal edges where the armor is broken open. It would just pull the metal edges across the shoulder and blend too much. I thought about just highlighting the edges with the armor color, but that would be a lot of highlights, and I feel draw attention away from the bone. So, I went with some slightly bloodied flesh figuring it would draw attention up towards the bone. Plus, it really lends the model a more daemonic feel.

I’m all over the place painting this model, so who knows when, or what, the next update will be. But, paint it I will.

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Chaos Knight: Brushing off the Dust & Applying Paint
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