Chaos Knight Titan: PIP #2

Chaos Knight Titan: Let the Painting Begin

Continuing with my surge of enthusiasm to make some headway on the Chaos Knight, I have something worth showing. Granted, it’s nothing special, but it is a whole lot of base coating. As anyone who has painted one of these can tell you, there is a ton of base coating to do on this thing. I wanted to jump in, and work on something where I could show actual progress, and getting the metal areas base coated was the task.

Really, it’s just a whole lot of Gunmetal Metal (Vallejo). On the lower torso/legs, I started picking out some of the details like cables, and you can see some colors on the tabard. I also used some Runelord Brass (GW), to pick out some metal areas. That’s the next task, to pick out all the details on the upper torso.

There’s still a metric ton of work to do, but getting one color on there really makes it feel like I’m getting somewhere with this beast. Oh, I have also started on some of the armor plates, but I want to get those closer to finished before showing those. Maybe in the next update.

Oh, the Thermal Cannon is magnetized if you’re wondering why it’s on there upside down. Just saw that in the pics ;)

I’ve done a fair bit of work since putting together this post, so the next update will be more interesting.

Update: The model is complete if you want to check out the Knight painting showcase.

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Great stuff man, once you’ve got that sort of base coat on then you are on a roll. I am really looking forward to seeing what you pull out of this kit. Some huge areas to try blend though…

Plus we now have the options to run a lot more different types of knights!


The nice thing about Knights is that once you get the base metal and base coats on the armour plates, they look pretty good while you’re doing the rest of the work to get them up to looking great.


Awesomesauce. That is alot of metal but good progress made. Def looking forward to seeing this badboy fully painted


Great to see that you’re making progress on the knight. Good work this far.


What colors are you thinking of for the outer carapace? It will be cool to continue to see this model come to life! It’s one I’m pretty fond of.


With two of these on the way, I can only imagine how much paint you go through just base coating them!