Chaos Knight Titan: PIP #2-6

Chaos Knight Titan: The Painting Continues

Like my last update where I had completed a step, this is the same sort of update. It’s still very early work, but I have washed the metal on the upper and lower torso. Of course this means I’ve picked out all the details I needed to prior to the wash, like the billion cables and hoses. God, I thought that would never end…

The armor plates that are on there are just resting, they aren’t glued down yet. They also aren’t done, but I wanted to show the work I’ve done on them so far. The leg plate is close to complete, but the shoulder still has a way to go. I’ve found with blending over black that it’s easier to blend it up, and then blend it back down after. It’s just too hard to blend it right the first time out, unless you’re doing super thin coats anyway, like nearly translucent. I’ve found this method gets me good results with less work. So, that means the shoulder plate is brighter than it will be once it’s done. I’m also working on smoothing it out more. I started with a brush that was too small, and it left a bunch of stroke marks. I’ll blend out those stroke marks and then bring it all down a shade or two. I’m also not after super smooth airbrush quality blending either. I like the grittier blending I’ve done. It’s less showroom and more fitting for the model I feel.

The next step, which I’ve started, is those armor plates. I need to get those ready and then tacked into place so I can better visualize the shading on the metal areas, as well as the highlights. I’ll be working, hopefully, a TMM (true metallic metal), approach on the metal, so I’ll need some strong shadows in the right spots, and some bright highlights.

Until the next update!

Update: The Knight is fully painted. Check out the fully painted Chaos Knight Titan.


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Chaos Knight Titan: The Painting Continues
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