Chaos Land Raider Conversion – The Final Touches (WIP #6)

The big updates since the last WIP post is the teeth on the assault ramp, assault launchers, some lights over the lascannon sponsons, a trophy rack on top, and a spotlight on the top. I did some smaller detailing work to pull some things together. Also, I added a few more random bullet holes, and chipped/scratched armor spots.

Chaos Land Raider Gallery


The teeth and assault launchers I got off TheRhino. I had planned originally to do some work on the assault launchers, maybe some daemonic skin – something, but I like how they look as-is. Plus, I think too much work on those would pull attention away from the toothed assault ramp.

Oh, you may notice those teeth are pretty tall on the ramp. They are actually so tall that they block the twin heavy bolter, which is why I aimed it upwards. Honestly, there wasn’t much to be done about it. The height of the teeth would have had to be cut down a lot. So much so that they wouldn’t give the look I wanted. So, I said screw it. I went with the rule of cool. It’s not practical, but I like it :)

I don’t recall when I got this Land Raider if it had the proper small housed lighting that goes over the sponsons. If it did have them then I lost them when I tore it apart to magnetize it.

I found the lights I used in my Space Marines bit box. They go to Land Speeders, and I’ve had them for years and years, so I tried them out and liked it. They’re magnetized as well, should I later change my mind on them, or find a more suitable replacement. Oops, I still have to clean mold lines on those.

I wasn’t sure about the trophy rack on top for a while. I like the look of them, but those trophy racks have always just screamed Spikey Marines, not Chaos Marines to me; if you know what I mean? Anyway, I felt the model needed a bit of height to it. I also like asymmetry, so I added it and I like it.

Lastly, the spotlight on the top was for a bit of balance, and practicality. The spotlight is magnetized. So, if a proper Chaos codex gives us back Dirge Casters, or maybe some new wargear, I have a spot on the model to put it.


The modeling and sculpting is pretty much done at this point. I’ll go over it again, see if I missed any gaps that need filling, any details that need to be added, but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

As much as I would like to paint this next, I have some other small projects that I need to get to in light of 8th edition. I’ve got a few models I need to finish assembling, some magnetized arms to set up, etc. Hopefully soon though I’ll get back to this and see what I can do with paint!

  • It’s really starting to look great now, and definitely chaotic enough ;)

    • Much appreciated. Going to be a lot of fun to paint when I get around to it. So many projects with 8th having changed so much.

  • Looking great! Those fangs/tusks are just fantastic. I have some bits that would work really well for those left over from my MaulerFiend conversions, I need to remember that next time I’m working on something big for Chaos.

    I like the look of the trophy racks and spiky things, I just don’t like how much harder they make it to transport things. If you really get liberal with them, they can more than double the volume a Vehicle takes up.

    • Thanks.

      Pretty pleased with the teeth. Definitely a good way to get a Chaos vibe for any project.

      The transport thing is EXACTLY why I didn’t use them on my Rhinos years ago. It was also a big consideration with the Land Raider. It adds a few inches easily, but in the end I said screw it, I can’t let that prevent me from doing something that looks cool.

  • That is looking really well chief. The effort put into it really shows. Hopefully you get to paint it sooner rather than later.

  • Freaking amazing. It’s so great the rules are insano now. Can’t wait to see this thing brutalizing everyone on the tabletop all painted up!

    • Thanks.

      Ironically, I haven’t even used it yet in 8th. Every time it’s game night the LR has green stuff drying, so I can’t bring it with me. I think I’m finally done with that though, so it’s time for a proper test run.

      • I expect it’ll have a nice battle/relic name for it by the end of the evening. Emperors Bane?

        • Hope so! I tend to name my stuff based on performance, IE: what did it kill, did something unusual happen, etc. Murphy’s Law says that it will die before it gets to do anything in its first game though.

          • They’re REALLY hard to kill. They are at the level of, it is easier to keep throwing trash units at it and keep it from shooting, then kill it.

            • Good to know. Now I really want to try it out.

              • Make sure there is some bubble wrap. LR’s only weakness is it can not fall back and shoot. So if you charge it with something the LR can’t kill, when it falls back it is effectively useless in the next shooting phase.

                • Great advice. Thanks!

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