Land Raider WIP #5

Chaos Land Raider – Daemonic Flesh Applied (WIP #5)

This project continues to slog along. I can confidently say that I’m nearing the end with it though.

The big thing you’re going to notice in this update is the daemonic flesh I applied. Prior, I had some flesh I sculpted, which was a lot more stylistic in appearance than realistic. It was bothering me, and I wasn’t completely happy with it. Then I remembered a tutorial I saw for making daemonic flesh that was really simple. I had always wanted to try this out, so I figured there was no better chance than on the Land Raider.



I’m pretty pleased with how the daemonic flesh came out. It’s pretty random in appearance, which I like, and once it’s painted I feel that it’s going to be great.

The only thing I did differently from the tutorial I read was to use liquid green stuff over it and to blend it into the surface. Really the only reason I used liquid green stuff over the skin was to better see everything together. Without it the skin would be white, and then there’s the green sculpting, and the grey plastic. It was just easier to see it all together that way, especially where I was trying to blend it into the armor.

Some of the areas of flesh is just pure liquid green stuff where I needed more control, like around the door with the skull on it. For that I just slapped it on thick, let it set for about 5 minutes, and then used a brush and stippled it to add texture. I did that a few times to build it up.

I have also started working on some small details. I’ve added a few horns sticking out of the flesh in spots, as well as a few more tentacles. From here I’ll add a bit more battle damage, some more small details, and then begin work on the assault ramp on the front.

I’m getting close…

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Oh wow that is a big jump forward, bravo! That flesh is going to look wonderful painted up. Will the armour be matching your usual two tone split?


Oh, yeah. That’s really starting to come together now.

Given that the one door and the whole area around it is fleshy, maybe some blood around there, like it tears when the door opens? Or it could be more something that opens itself, so there’s just the normal line.


Ready to rock and roll for 8th! The flesh has come along nicely.

Kenneth Raymond

The creeping corruption effect here is superb.


Now that is looking great! The fleshy bits are my fave, they make it look so creepy and sentient. Stellar sculpting there’s Thor :)