Chaos Land Raider – Painting Daemonic Flesh (PIP #1)

I have finally made some painting progress on my Chaos Land Raider. Painting vehicles is not my favorite thing to do, though I prefer it over batch painting rank and file.

Let’s just dive in some with progress shots.



So, the base coat is down, half scheme in place, and blended shading is done. I still have to shade some smaller areas with washes, but the hard shading is over.

I’ve also done some preliminary highlights on the armor with blending. I still have to get some edge highlights on, and probably blend the armor a bit more.

The other thing is my work on the daemonic flesh. Funny story that; though not really. I have a technique I’ve done like this once before, so I thought I’d improve on it. Long story short, after two failed attempts, I went back to the original technique and liked it the best. So, I painted some of those areas three times. Granted, it was just small test spots, but still…three times to go back to the original idea. Ug!

The blue part, the eye, is for Tzeentch. I’ve worked all four Chaos gods into the Land Raider. The eye is far from done – I’ll blend it in some more, but in case you’re wondering why the blue area.

Overall nothing is done yet, everything will improve (one hopes), but that’s where it’s at now.

I don’t expect to be done with this any time soon either. I’m just taking my sweet ass time with this monstrosity. There’s a lot to cover on this model, no pun intended, and I don’t want to get frustrated, which I often do with big projects.

Updated: It’s finally done! Check out the Chaos Land Raider gallery.


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Oh that is looking very well. Bravo chief. The demon flesh really breaks everything up nicely.


It’s coming along nicely. The flesh works really well on both colours and it doesn’t look like it is trying to cover any ill-fitting parts. Great work mate!


That is looking great. It has just enough warp taint to make it stand out, without completely overpowering the model. I can’t wait to see the finished result!


Loves the daemonic flesh, looks fantastic! I know you aren’t done yet, but adding some sort of glaze or wash between the edge of the flesh and the metal (maybe even some typhus corrosion) would help blend them together,


How did you model the flesh?


Coming along very nicely there. Probably a good idea to take your time. Easy to burn out on something this big.

Joe Baird

Really like how this is looking. The flesh looks awesome across the two colors and sorry you had to redo it three times. But no shame in trying something new.


That’s coming along very well. The flesh really breaks up the flat surfaces of the LR and adds a touch of texture and contrasting colour that looks really good. I have seen from your twitter feed the other bits you have worked on since, which really bring it to life :)

Also feel your pain about painting vehicles. I bloody hate doing them!!!


Looks good. What made you choose to put the shading at the top of the hull? It looks great, I’m just curious how you came to that point.