Chaos Land Raider – Painting God Details & Looking for Suggestions

After the previous update where I did a lot of flesh work, I slowed down to work on some details that I was excited to play with. When I did the sculpting work on the Land Raider, I intentionally put in details for each of the four Chaos Gods. My warband is undivided, so I like to represent each god when I can in my work.

Disclosure: If you follow me on social media then you likely saw these already. However, please read on as I’d love some feedback on something.

Eye of Tzeentch

I’m pretty happy with how this came out. I went back and forth a few times working on the blue, and blending it into the flesh color. I think I have it where I want it now.

Eye of Tzeentch

The eyeball was done countless times. Base coat, blending, glazes, blending…it was endless. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Eventually I arrived at what you see above and I called it done.

There’s something I was considering with this as well that I’d love feedback on. I thought once everything was done, and the model was sealed, that I’d coat the eyeball part with a gloss sealer for a realistic look. It would give it that glassy sheen that eyes have. It sounds cool to me, but what about you?

Khorne’s Door

The other god I got to was Khorne. This door was a process when I sculpted it. I sculpted the skull, and then did three layers of tendons stretching over it. It took a while to do, but I do like how it came out.

As far as painting goes, I’m also happy with the result. The process was simple: base coat white, red wash, and then a few layers of red glaze. I then came in with the flesh wash to blend it out a bit.

Khorne Door
Like the eye, I went over this a few times. I kept getting close to what I envisioned but was just shy. Once I got to the point you see above, I knew I had it. I realized playing with it any more than that would just ruin what I built up, and I’ve learned the hard way that knowing when something is done is a crucial skill to have.

Moving Forward

One of the details I have not worked on yet are the tentacles you can see in the two shots above. This is something I’d appreciate feedback on. I have Slaanesh details and Nurgle ones to do, so I’ll be incorporating forms of purple, greens, and yellows for those. Considering I’ve got red and blue for Khorne and Tzeentch respectively, and a crimson flesh, what color do I paint those tentacles…

Update: The Land Raider is done. Check out the completed painting gallery!

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I would definitely do the gloss finish on the eye. I’ve seen some things done like that, and it adds a really nice touch.

With the paint, I’m really getting an Evil Dead/Army of Darkness Necronomicon vibe from the Khorne door, which is pretty awesome.

stats DGDWH

That door is awesome!
Slaanesh tentacles: vallejo squid or similar, pink with black tips, glossy finish.
Nurgle tentacles: vallejo duck egg green or similar, yellow mucus with glue.
Maybe you can do some tentacles for each missing God!


Yes definately gloss the eye. Will add that slight realism to it (and make it look more eerie).

Maybe purple for the tentacles?


I do think a bit of gloss on the eye will work wonders. I would also recommend some wet effects on the edges of the tendons on the door, it currently looks a bit dry. It might help your great scultping show through and stand out.


Definitely gloss the eye. If you decide you don’t like it, you can always spray matte back over it.

For the tentacles, I’d go with a grey tone or a khaki /tan one. You can blend to different colors at the base or tip with any darker tone you like. Maybe select a color based on which part of the model each tentacle lays over. Maybe the ones over the black side get the grey treatment, while those over the grey -blue side get the tan treatment. Tie them all together with a tip color.