Chaos Land Raider #4

Chaos Land Raider: Details Are Coming Together (WIP #4)

Today I’ve got another small’ish update on the Land Raider. I feel like I’m getting closer to my vision, but I do still have quite a bit left to do.

Update #4

The door with the skull and tendons on it is just blue tacked in place at the moment. That’s been the big thing I’ve been working on the past week, that door. I’m trying to represent each of the Chaos gods on the vehicle, and of course that one is for Khorne.

In general I’ve used some liquid green stuff to smooth out some transitions, which you’ll see. I’m working on getting better with sculpting, so that I can seamlessly blend in what I’m working on to the surface, but I’m not quite there yet. So, I figured liquid green stuff would be a great cheat for the moment.

The left twin lascannon (no longer twin-linked!) has the claw complete for Slaanesh. I may still do some detailing on there, but it’s pretty well done at this stage.

On the back left I added in another bone protrusion. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I went a lot smaller than on the front right side, and I think it works rather well.

Finally, on the back engine part I added torn armor around the bony horn sticking out. It just looked out-of-place without something to tie it in.


Once I wrap up the sculpting that’s in progress, I will move on to the assault ramp and making that all Chaosy. I also want to add some standard vehicle bits, like the spiked racks and Chaos icons, once I get the sculpting done. I know I’ll snap things off if I put them on there now since I have to handle the vehicle a lot while sculpting.

Until next time!

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Keeps looking better and better! As we talked about before, there’s a LOT of Land Raider there to add to. Not surprised that it’s taking a while to get to all the areas worth working on.

I love liquid green stuff. I think it was actually one of your posts (on fixing gaps in Bloodletters) that got me to try it again, and now it’s a major part of most of my conversion projects. Such great stuff for doing those tiny little bits of touch up and final blends that can be really frustrating with regular green stuff.

stats DGDWH

It’s going to be beautiful, the door is great! I use liquid green stuff as you to blend better the regular green stuff, but it is also amazing to add texture to flat surfaces, simply passing an hand of it watered down, and also using it to fill gaps that need regular green stuff, because you have to use a great amount of it and this is going to add a messy finish. Definetily a good thing.


That is really coming together nicely, keep it up mate.


That is really coming along man. Bravo. I am loving seeing the progression and your ideas behind the changes as you go.


Yeah this is looking really good dude. The sculpting you are doing looks great :)

I would like to see a bit more on the top though. Any plans to add some more there?


It’s coming along nicely.
My only criticism would be that you might want to have the sculpted details cross the borders of panels a little more. Take the header image for this post as an example. You have all that great detail you sculpted along the edge of the roof, but it doesn’t cross the gap onto the side hull very much. The sculpting has a very clearly defined border to it, which feels unnatural for an unnatural organic material. It looks like it’s sitting on top of the Land Raider as a result, and not really growing out of it. Have your sculpted details cross those panels and planes.


Love the door. Very cool. All the sculpting look great but the door is just the next level.