Chaos Lord Soulgore on Bike: PIP #1-1

Chaos Lord on Bike: Paint in Progress

Now that my Berzerkers are being sealed, I’ve gone back to working on Soulgore (Chaos Lord), on a bike. I settled on what I wanted to do with his bike and you’ll see the bit on the back of the bite. I’ll likely call it good there since I don’t want to overdo it and the model itself will stand out without an overly elaborate bike.

I’ve started painting the magnetized lightning claw and power fist. I really should have taken some better shots so you could see it more. Actually, I tried getting better shots but everything was coming out like ass.

Anyway, I’m playing around with the GW medium they have and using it for the wet blending. I’m liking the results of it. It’s way easier than just working with water. It’s going to take a lot more practice to get it down but not a bad first run at it I don’t think.

Once I finish up the arms I’ll move on to the slow tedious process of the bike.

Is it me or is getting cool poses on dudes riding bikes just annoying? Damn handle bars get in the way!

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Chaos Lord on Bike: Paint in Progress
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