Chaos Lord on Bike: Paint in Progress

Now that my Berzerkers are being sealed, I’ve gone back to working on Soulgore (Chaos Lord), on a bike. I settled on what I wanted to do with his bike and you’ll see the bit on the back of the bite. I’ll likely call it good there since I don’t want to overdo it and the model itself will stand out without an overly elaborate bike.

I’ve started painting the magnetized lightning claw and power fist. I really should have taken some better shots so you could see it more. Actually, I tried getting better shots but everything was coming out like ass.

Anyway, I’m playing around with the GW medium they have and using it for the wet blending. I’m liking the results of it. It’s way easier than just working with water. It’s going to take a lot more practice to get it down but not a bad first run at it I don’t think.

Once I finish up the arms I’ll move on to the slow tedious process of the bike.

Is it me or is getting cool poses on dudes riding bikes just annoying? Damn handle bars get in the way!

  • Warren Falconer

    it is extremely difficult to get anything unique looking on a bike. Not only do you have to heavily convert the bike, but all legs have to be altered torsos never fit right, etc. The best looking bikes out there are actually in the DV box, I am curious if GW will ever redo these models, I know I am not a huge fan of painting them. But other than just stuffing more stuff on the bike you have to go all out to get a unique looking model. I know with the scars to vary it up I always try to think of them as on campaign, so saddle bags, ammo boxes tarps bolters, etc get slapped on each bike to very up an otherwise bland and boring model.

    I am sure he is looking good based on your other stuff but it is hard to tell from the shots ; )

    • Good point on the bikes. Does seem like you have to go above and beyond to get much out of it.

      Yeah, these shots suck. My lighting for painting doesn’t translate so well for pictures. I hate to move around my lights for some PIP shots cause I’m lazy ;)

  • Mini’s are so hard to photograph…and when you do finally get a photograph of them, it’s never representative of how they actually look. Gotta see them in person!

    Are you fielding him With a powerfist and lighting claw? My bare HQ’s feel so neglected next to the rest of the communities.

    • Yeah, photos never capture what you see in person; that’s for sure.

      The plan is the claw/fist combo when he’s riding with Bikes. It will give me a good harassment unit that can fill a few roles.

      Lords are a great place to invest some points in my experience. Tons of options and you can really get them to do most anything you need. Rarely am I let down by my Lord in a game.

  • TheRhino

    Paint looks good. However, is it just the angle or is he staring at his lap?

    • The angle makes it look worse but his head is a bit low. I’m having a hard time getting him on the lower torso at a good angle. It’s magnetized and between dealing with that and his backpack it’s proving annoying. I’ll probably try moving the magnet on the torso back some more.

  • Look ma, no hands!

    The claw/fist combo works well as far as game mechanics, but it looks like he’d have a hard time controlling that bike. It might look better if you cleared the front fairing away from the handles so he could get his hands in there, maybe even rest the fist on the handles while you’re at it.

    It would be pretty cool to have a bike that’s been modified so that he doesn’t need his hands to steer it. You could replace the handles with pistons or something and add some cabling running up to the backpack to represent a control link. The cable would also give you a place to hide an alignment pin, then hide a hole in his upper torso behind the backpack to keep him in the position you want when he’s attached to the bike.

    Are the legs permanently attached to the bike? If you raised him up in the seat a little you could bring his hips up and forward a little to make room for him to be more upright. Maybe GS some extra seat cushion, or a little more ass, on there to lift him without leaving a gap. Another option could be to move him forward a little in the seat so that there’s room for his backpack to fit in front of the seat-back.

    Anyway, the paint on the fist and claw are looking great so far. I also like the spike rack across the rear fairing.

    • Clearing area room for his hands to fit or modifying the steering is honestly more work than I planned. Plus, I don’t mind it looks a bit silly in that he couldn’t possible steer it since he looks rather badass :)

      No, legs aren’t attached yet. Yeah, I’ll play around with it and see what I need to do. I wanted to get the arms figured out: which to use and how to pose them, and then work out his positioning. I’d have done that already but I got excited to play with the medium for blending and jumped on that first.

      • Fair enough. I think getting the pose worked out will make a big difference. If you can get him up and forward a little he should look less like he’s cruising around to show off and more like he’s leaning into a fight.
        Anyway, like I said before the paint on the hands is looking great so far. I’m glad the medium is working out for you!

        • Yeah, I’ll see what I can manage. That’s the downside to magnetized stuff, you can’t just glue it perfectly in place (the model). The tough part with raising him is keeping his feet on the bike. I can lean him back a bit but not much, though hopefully that little bit is enough. You can see how tight the space is in that 2nd shot.

          It also wouldn’t look so bad but I have his head glued on in a lowered fashion because of the Juggernaut he normally rides. It works there where he’s up so high but creates this fun on the bike.

          Thanks. I’ll get better shots in the next update so you can see the blending.

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